Parker Fitzgerald
You got my vote, and I'm a big brother too.
Thu Feb 14, 2019 09:29

Parker raised an eyebrow. The accent was one he could place. It took him a moment, but then he realized it was German. Henrich, that was the boys name. A german Henry.

He was used to the international and intercultural feel of Sonora, but he couldn’t imagine how hard it would be to learn spells correctly if English or at least a Latin based language was your first language. Let alone the other parts of class all being in English. Thinking about it made him more impressed with the player next to him as well as Dorian and Katya. Parker was just beginning in his fourth year to feel comfortable and like he was supposed to be at Sonora, and he was from the country. He decided if Henrich was chosen for the team he’d ask about it. It was easier to ask things like that casually when you were relaxing after a workout or something than randomly at a meal or in the middle of classes.

Parker shrugged at Henrich’s comment.
“You are probably correct. But as a team we should try to better everyone.” Parker said, ensuring that he didn’t combine any words, but also not speaking slowly or obviously changing his speech patterns.

“Fast. Yes sir.” Parker leaned into his broom. He could feel the wind rushing through his hair and he knew he was following the instructions. Parker kept zig zagging so he could keep an eye on both Henrich and Isaac. He heard something from behind him that started with a B, but Parker wasn’t sure what it was. He turned his head slightly to see the ball coming for him.

He was able to slow down slightly to catch it. He kept moving forward trying to keep Henrich in his vision and make sure he was still moving forward. As Parker got to the goal he slowed down, he quickly turned his head back.

“Ball!” Parker shouted and passed the Quaffle laterally on his right towards Henrich.

Parker then moved quickly to the left to either get the Quaffle if Henrich missed or to get the bounce back if Henrich tried to score and Isaac batted it away.

  • I get award for best big brother, yes?Heinrich Hexenmeister, Wed Feb 13 14:15
    “First, we jog around the pitch,” Heinrich translated the critical piece of information into German for his sister. “It’s not a race!” he called after her belatedly as she took off. She didn’t seem... more
    • You got my vote, and I'm a big brother too. — Parker Fitzgerald, Thu Feb 14 09:29
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