Lily Spencer
Another Chaser thread.
Mon Feb 18, 2019 14:59

Getting back into the familiarity of school had helped Lily’s transition. She was still sad at unexpected times during the day and always thought of Tod whenever she saw other students with pets. She’d almost missed the signup sheet for Quidditch, but she was very glad she hadn’t. It was one of the few things that could make her stop thinking about her deceased dog for a longer period of time.

When Lily got to the pitch, she was quite glad to see so many Pecaris joining. She was proud of her house-mates and their level of participation in this sport. The coach seemed to have an intense day for tryouts planned for them, and she looked forward to getting her blood pumping. She sorely needed it after crying for most of the summer.

Lily ran with everyone else, her competitive spirit making her jog just a little quicker. She finished the lap towards the front of the group, just a bit out of breath. She grabbed her broom when she finished and mounted it quickly to get started on her laps. She was more petite for her age, but still had a somewhat boyish figure. Being smaller made her more agile, and her past Seeker training had only sharpened her skills. She completed the first lap easily, then raced around the pitch at a thrilling speed for the next two. If she had made one small mistake, the crash would have been devastating. Lily was quite confident in her agility, however, having had almost six years to hone those skills, and finished without a mishap.

The skill-based test was quite fun. It was better than flying laps around a pitch, and she only crashed into an obstacle once. Throwing a Quaffle into an unguarded hoop was easy, and she was prepared to immediately catch the charmed ball subsequently. On the other end, Lily had only held a Beater’s bat once, and she’d never used it herself. When the charmed ball was flying toward her, she panicked a little. She was able to hit the ball, but it flew to the far left of the designated hoops. Beating was absolutely not her strength.

Once they’d finished, she needed a moment to catch her breath whilst the coach explained their next activity. Finally, they would be working on teamwork. She looked at the team-mates she’d had last year, wondering how they would decide who to work with. Perhaps it would be easiest working with different members to see how well she could work with them. She believed, as previous Pecari captains had believed years before her, that it was always important to have team chemistry. As a Chaser, it was even more crucial to be in sync.

Lily approached the other Chasers, feeling comfortable taking the initiative. She wanted the position of captain badly, and she would show her leadership skills til tryouts were over. Parker and the German wizard were on one side with Isaac, so she looked for another potential Chaser to pass with. "You ready to start?" she asked another student with a friendly smile.

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    • Another Chaser thread. — Lily Spencer, Mon Feb 18 14:59
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