Simon Mordue
Insulting everyone I can think of offhand.
Thu Feb 28, 2019 21:51

Sports were, Simon knew, important for the development of a proper gentleman. They offered an opportunity to engage in conflict resolution and leadership, to prove his strength and bravery, and, in theory, a socially relaxed place to befriend other young gentlemen, though there were complications interfering with that practice these days. Interfering with, but not outright preventing, though, so the point stood. Important stuff, sports. Very good to do. Very…

…Very social. With all sorts of people. Including lots whom he’d rather not work with at all.

At least, he thought as the coach started up, Tatiana and her knight weren’t in evidence. Montoir never had been, of course, but Simon knew Nathaniel had been somewhat friendly with Tatiana and that could have become a problem. Nathaniel was a decent enough chap, of course, but his cousin came from weaker stock than Simon did. His mother was useless at best and his father had been actively harmful to the family reputation. Nathaniel really did not need to associate with loud, garish foreigners, especially not ones who really were quite damnably pretty enough to cause…problems.

Besides, they needed unity, and girls didn’t promote that. It was always strange with them around, and Tatiana was small and flighty and couldn’t even communicate properly, so she was really of no use whatsoever to the team.

Simon ran with a grim determination, focusing on the end rather than anyone else, and was slower than he would have liked during the stretches due to the effort it took not to show that he would have rather had a moment to catch his breath – though at least, he thought, he wasn’t in as bad a shape as that German Aladren was. What on Earth, Simon wondered, was he doing here – trying to prove something? Aladren had had a reputation for Quidditch skill when Simon first arrived at Sonora, but it had had those two nobody captains, who’d run it into the ground long before the German kid had shown up here. Now Quidditch was primarily a Teppenpaw and Crotalus affair, though Pecari did keep coming close to pulling together its own team. Aladren, though, they were long out of the game, so it would have been clever for one of them to seek social advancement here…had he had the stamina to do it with.

Simon had played both Chaser and Beater in his time at Sonora and so was fairly accustomed to moving around obstacles (otherwise generally known as teammates, but Beater also required interacting with physical obstacles). Speed, however, was more challenging, and he neither won the race nor excelled in the hoops. In fact, halfway through the hoops, he mis-judged one of the altitude changes and banged his shin on the edge of a hoop. He bit his lip, just keeping his exclamation to a gasp instead of something noisier. However, he got all the way through the course both ways, and assumed that made him a better candidate for Beater than the small girl, anyway - though she had done an impressively good job for, well, a young girl. He wasn’t sure exactly how old she was - he didn’t recognize her, but she looked larger than your average first year - but she was clearly younger.

However, since she was a girl, he was surprised to see her still tagging along to the dummies to Beat. He had not really bothered reading the rest of the sign-up list beyond noting familiar names, so this was a surprise to him, though one he quickly shrugged off as he squared up against his own dummy and went to work, looking forward to the end of the day, when they would at least be able to get things on the Pitch back to normal without a meddlesome new adult hanging around watching everything.

  • Beating this tryoutHilda Hexenmeister, Thu Feb 14 12:16
    The Quidditch tryouts were today! Hilda could not begin to contain her excitement. She wanted to get on the team so bad, but she was concerned that her age and lack of English were going to work... more
    • Insulting everyone I can think of offhand. — Simon Mordue, Thu Feb 28 21:51
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