Jake "JD" Daniels
Starting out
Fri Mar 8, 2019 05:35

There were many things about the magical world which sort of perplexed JD. Not that this was a word he was even quite sure he understood what it meant. Perplexed was…perplexing. Still, sports had always been his thing and when he’d heard that there was a sport which involved throwing balls at each other on brooms in the air while some of them could, potentially, explode, he was definitely interested. Explosions and sports, those were two things which definitely caught JD’s attention.

He scribbled his name on the sign-up sheet when he’d had a chance and woke up early the day of the try-outs to eat a nice, full breakfast the way his mother had taught him. After all, she knew pretty much everything there was to know about anything. JD gobbled up his eggs and sausage, dipping his crispy bacon into the maple syrup he’d drizzled over a stack of alternating waffles and pancakes.

However, once he arrived at try-outs, it appeared that he had gotten everything all wrong. From the coach’s explanations to the drills they were being set to do, it didn’t really seem like there were any exploding balls. Maybe that came later, if you made the team. Yeah, that made sense. JD was now determined to make the team. He eagerly grabbed a broom and lined up with the others to partake in the obstacle course race.

As he and the other students pushed off the ground to begin, JD felt himself slipping. He wasn’t even half a foot off the ground when he began to turn slightly, the broom pushing forward as he clung desperately to the thin stick before ending up on the ground, the broom faithfully dropping down with him. Not one to be deterred easily, JD picked up the broom and tried again. This time, he stayed on it (how, he didn’t know, not with all the moving obstacles he’d needed to dodge), but the little mishap cost him a place in the race and he (unsurprisingly) finished last.

Man, wizards were nuts.

A little out of breath but not one to know when to back down from a challenge, JD hung around for the next part, figuring that with his history of baseball, the Beater’s position would suit him best. What he did not expect, however, was for the angry flying balls to have minds of their own. He mostly spent his time trying to fly out of the way of the metal balls but when he did manage to get in a hit (usually catching himself off-balance afterward, clutching to the broom for dear life until he could manage to right himself again) the bludger he hit would always fly hard and on target. JD might not have been great on a broom but his batting arm had always been above average.

At the end of the try-outs, JD was sweaty and tired, and he still hadn’t seen a single exploded ball. Man.

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