Eden Manger
A walk to forget
Wed Mar 13, 2019 20:01

Eden kicked a rock and watched with sullen eyes as it bounced along in front of her, highlighting the path - albeit with more altitude - that her aimless wandering would soon take her as well. She caught up to it with relative ease after its momentum had subsided, and once again sent it rocketing ahead of her. She had been making this circle with her small pebble companion for a while now, looping around the outskirts of the Quidditch pitch, unusually grounded when compared to her normal route.

She didn’t sign up for Quidditch this year. What was the point, really? It just threw too much back in her face again. Mostly with her dad. Her dad who somehow sent her brooms every year, like he knew or had known or was out there somewhere. But he wasn’t, and as of last New Years, she knew exactly why. It was more details than she had ever wanted, and to say ignorance was bliss was a major understatement; Eden wanted her innocence back.

Still a letter came, with her father’s handwriting clearly addressing her on the outside. It had no package attached this year, no new broom like she’d always received, like he’d sent Jake before her. But this year, it was simpler.

It’s okay, it read. I love you. I am always here.

Furious at whatever force in the universe played these hurtful tricks on her, she crumbled up the parchment and tossed it in the trash can. Why did her father have to die? Why was he such a different person with her than with her siblings? How could he have attacked Sally? How could Jake have….? And, perhaps the culmination of it all, and the greatest twist of the knife in her back, how could everyone have known and lied to her about it for so long? She hated them all for it. But after everyone else had cleared out, she went back to the trash and fished the letter back out. She couldn’t let go yet, just in case.

In case of what, she really wasn’t sure, but the crumbled paper now resided in her hoodie pocket, her tucked-in fingers brushing it with every forced movement as her legs swung to kick the rock. The blonde almost let a single tear trickle down her cheek, but at the same time she felt her defenses weakening, she spotted someone in the distance, and that put a stop to it. “What?” she asked defensively, accompanied by a preemptive swipe at her tear ducts.

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