Winston Pierce, Seeker
Letís do this.
Sat May 18, 2019 05:49

Winston grimaced a bit when he saw Coach Kinsell turn his robe the same green as The Aladrenís, but being the first string Seeker this year, he was fortunately not going to have to deal with that player directly.

That was the best thing about being seeker. He had originally wanted it for the glory, but he quickly came to realize its greatest advantage was actually that he only needed to coordinate with one other person on his team, and worry, at most, about three people on the other team. Everyone else was immaterial and could safely be ignored.

Today, the most important one to pay attention to was Evelyn Stones, a mere second year of no significant family. Probably muggle born or half-bred, if her choice of friends was any indication. Which meant she probably hadnít grown up on a broom the way he had.

Winston had this game.

  • Kick off.Evelyn Stones, Pecari, Fri May 17 22:41
    Evelyn wasn't terribly interested in getting the snitch just yet, but she wanted a good vantage point. She'd been doing her best not to suck today, and she had high hopes that she'd practiced enough... more
    • Letís do this. — Winston Pierce, Seeker, Sat May 18 05:49
      • Ich mache dasHilda, Beater, Sat May 18 12:31
        The best thing about Sonora - other than it having Johana Leonie - was Quidditch. Sheíd made the first string as a first year which maybe indicated that the school perhaps did not host not the... more
        • I don't know what you said, but probably no.Simon, Beater, Sun May 19 14:03
          Simon was neither surprised nor unsurprised when he and his cousin were not assigned to the same team. In fact, he barely noticed the situation at all. Nathaniel was easy enough to overlook in any... more
          • Nein zu dir auchHilda, Beater, Sun May 19 21:08
            She'd been working with Simon long enough during competitive matches, that it didn't come as too much of a shock that he was on the bludger before it got anywhere near Winston. But she had factored... more
            • That was close. Evelyn Stones, Seeker, Sun May 19 21:48
              Evelyn did not particularly appreciate bludgers being hit in her direction, and was glad to see that Hilda also had something to say about that. "Danke," she shouted to the girl before veering off to ... more
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