Hilda, Beater
Ich mache das
Sat May 18, 2019 12:31

The best thing about Sonora - other than it having Johana Leonie - was Quidditch. She’d made the first string as a first year which maybe indicated that the school perhaps did not host not the strongest Quidditch talent in America, but they did respectably in competition, so they certainly weren’t the worst either, and Hilda was admittedly quite good at Beating despite her age. And she wasn’t so essential they didn’t sometimes replace her with one of the second string players to let them get more experience.

Though, truthfully, she wasn’t entirely convinced that wasn’t mostly to take out Heinrich who was not as good at Chasing as she was at Beating, but she couldn’t understand anybody without him there to translate for her, so she was not so good without him there to tell her the day’s strategies.

Mostly though, once the game got started, Quidditch did not require a great deal of English, and she knew most of the key phrases likely to get shouted in the moment. Things like ‘Look out!’ and ‘Watch your back!’ got picked up pretty quickly when pain - or worse, failure to keep her teammates safe - was the result of not heeding them.

Today she was senior beater, in that she was first string and JD was not, and he was not any older than her. That mean she was responsible for the seeker, who was Evelyn. She liked Evelyn. Evelyn asked for eggs in German. Which meant Hilda was determined to keep her safe for Evelyn’s own sake as well as her strategic value as the Seeker.

But first, she was going to make the second year’s job easier by distracting the competition. She caught up to one of the bludgers and smacked it in Winston Pierce’s direction.

  • Let’s do this.Winston Pierce, Seeker, Sat May 18 05:49
    Winston grimaced a bit when he saw Coach Kinsell turn his robe the same green as The Aladren’s, but being the first string Seeker this year, he was fortunately not going to have to deal with that... more
    • Ich mache das — Hilda, Beater, Sat May 18 12:31
      • I don't know what you said, but probably no.Simon, Beater, Sun May 19 14:03
        Simon was neither surprised nor unsurprised when he and his cousin were not assigned to the same team. In fact, he barely noticed the situation at all. Nathaniel was easy enough to overlook in any... more
        • Nein zu dir auchHilda, Beater, Sun May 19 21:08
          She'd been working with Simon long enough during competitive matches, that it didn't come as too much of a shock that he was on the bludger before it got anywhere near Winston. But she had factored... more
          • That was close. Evelyn Stones, Seeker, Sun May 19 21:48
            Evelyn did not particularly appreciate bludgers being hit in her direction, and was glad to see that Hilda also had something to say about that. "Danke," she shouted to the girl before veering off to ... more
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