Ness, Chaser
But not like that
Sat May 18, 2019 23:23

Turning tail it was then. Ness shot off towards the main action. Not having to disentangle from a scrum was a solid advantage there.

The second year wasn't going to catch Heinrich before he passed, but the orange Chaser nearby was going to find a green-robe at their side, putting pressure on them to veer away from the goals.

  • If you insistHeinrich, Chaser , Sat May 18 10:13
    Heinrich had been surprised to be named the most junior chaser for the first string team. He was also surprised Hilda had been likewise named the junior beater for the first string team. As the most... more
    • But not like that — Ness, Chaser, Sat May 18 23:23
      • More like this.Lily Spencer, Chaser, Sun May 19 00:38
        Lily was excited to finally have the coveted title of 'captain' before her name, and she expressed her enthusiasm during every practice. She took the position seriously, however, and her pre-match... more
        • *applauds*Nate Mordue, Keeper, Sun May 19 14:19
          In theory, with his cousin and his brother now parts of the Quidditch team, Nathaniel thought Quidditch should have been a magnificent vehicle for family bonding. In practice, however, it was not;... more
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