Evelyn Stones
Symbolically speaking? Or literally?
Sun May 19, 2019 00:39

Evelyn smiled. Did she know the maze well? Of course she knew the maze well. If there was anywhere at Sonora that Evelyn knew and felt comfortable, it was the maze. Maybe also a certain big squishy chair, but that was not someplace that she was going to take Heinrich.

She nodded and found herself surprised at the instinct to take his hand and run into her favorite place at Sonora. Instead, she just held out an arm, gesturing for them to make their way down the first open path. She led the way gently, guiding without looking; it wasn't hard.

"What makes a good symbol? It should be something that reminds us of a choice to be good, not just something good itself. Like the rock; you chose to be good when you could've been bad. What else makes you think of that?"

Looking around the Gardens, Evelyn decided that the sheer amount of growth and life was sort of a reminder all by itself. However, it wouldn't fit in their pockets.

  • How hard is finding a symbolic symbol anyway?Heinrich, Sat May 18 18:56
    Heinrich did not go out in the maze much. He took runs sometimes, but mostly just along the outer edges and the well traveled paths. "Know you the way?" he questioned, willing to trust her if she... more
    • Symbolically speaking? Or literally? — Evelyn Stones, Sun May 19 00:39
      • Either, both.Heinrich, Sun May 19 16:22
        Heinrich smiled back in response to Evelyn's smile and followed her into the maze. "It is feeding good wolf to lead me safe through maze," he told her, thinking this might be a good thing for her to... more
        • That is a good summary of everything. Evelyn Stones, Sun May 19 16:36
          Evelyn hadn't thought of it that way, but was glad to hear it. She wanted to be a good wolf more than ever when she heard that she was already doing little things to show it, and Heinrich was well... more
          • I have some skill in being ConciseHeinrich, Sun May 19 17:00
            Heinrich nodded, in agreement that eggs were maybe not the best choice for a symbol, at least not a real egg, because it would probably break or get smelly after a while. Her next question worried... more
            • I ought to learn the same. Evelyn Stones, Sun May 19 17:12
              Evelyn looked curiously at Heinrich when he spoke about the things that made him happy. She had noticed a similar tendency in Ness, to find happiness in themselves rather than in the world around... more
              • I do not always utilize this skillHeinrich, Sun May 19 20:21
                He nodded in understanding of what Evelyn was saying. He did like the taste of a good strudel - his joy over that had been how they first really met, in fact - and the sight of how moonlight on the... more
                • I like what you have to say though. Evelyn Stones, Sun May 19 22:09
                  Evelyn nodded along with Heinrich, well understanding the draw to the forest. "If you ever become an Animagus or something, I hope it's a duck," she laughed. "I spent a lot of time climbing trees in... more
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