Johana Leonie Zauberhexen and Felipe De Matteo
All the languages!
Sun May 19, 2019 00:54

Johana Leonie arrived first, mostly because she wasn't entirely sure she was going to the right place. Ironically, the advertisement itself was in English, and Johana Leonie had had to read it several times. Words like reflecting and participate were hard for her. Still, her dictionary double checked, and the information written down in her own notebook, Johana Leonie was eager to attend and did so with a bounce in her step. She still wasn't totally sure she understood, but it sounded nice.

"Hallo, Dorian," she greeted him, upon entering the room. "Meine Familie kommt. I speak more than Deutsche und English. Want you others?"

She was interrupted by Felipe De Matteo's entrance, and she greeted him with a smile. She hadn't been sure what languages he spoke, particularly as he wasn't signed up for any extra help courses and seemed not to struggle with English the way she did. He was much less surprised to see her, although German was so highly represented at this school that it did seem odd for her to appear first.

"Hello," Felipe said stiffly, doing his best not to seem off-beat for walking in in the middle of the girl's question. He'd heard part of it, but thought that his family would probably not need any languages but English, and wasn't sure that that part applied to him so much. He thought diversity as a whole was a good idea though (that's why he learned those languages in the first place), and wanted to participate in that. He was a little hurt not to see Spanish on the easel though, although Dorian might not have known. "My family speaks lots of languages, but Spanish is the best for us."

OOC -- I write both of these characters, so there's no god-modding here.

  • Banner painting (tag all additional language speakers)Dorian Montoir, Sat May 18 21:45
    Multi-Lingual Welcome Banner Do you or your family speak a language/languages other than English? We will be making a welcome banner for the concert reflecting all the languages spoken by Sonora... more
    • All the languages! — Johana Leonie Zauberhexen and Felipe De Matteo, Sun May 19 00:54
      • All the relevant languagesDorian, Sun May 19 01:07
        "Hello," Dorian smiled when Johana Leonie arrived, glad that she seemed excited for the project. She said something about her family, and he could roughly guess from the context that maybe she was... more
        • That is not so clear either, but I understand. Felipe De Matteo and Johanna Leonie Zauberhexen, Sun May 19 01:24
          Johana Leonie had never studied any language in a classroom, except by way of learning English while also learning other things in a classroom, but thought she knew what Dorian meant and nodded.... more
          • The rest of the German contingent Hexenmeisters, Sun May 19 07:03
            Heinrich saw the signs and told Hilda about it, so the two German siblings arrived together in the MARS art room. “Hello,” Heinrich greeted the room at large while Hilda said “Hallo!” mostly in... more
            • Out of placeJasmine Delachene, Sun May 19 07:22
              The notice about a welcome banner in all their families languages had drawn Jasmines’s attention, not because she spoke anything other than English - she didn’t, at least not any more than a few... more
              • Welcome to my worldDorian, Sun May 19 08:36
                Dorian smiled and greeted the Hexenmeisters (more Heinrich than... the sister, but he was glad they'd all come). He was very surprised when Jasmine walked into the room, although this rather proved... more
                • Hello. Nice world. Very welcomingJasmine, Sun May 19 15:05
                  The French mystery was solved when Dorian spoke up and brought her attention to himself. She had noticed his accent was similar to her grandparents' and his last name did sound French. He must have... more
                  • We agree.Tatiana and Katerina, Sun May 19 15:11
                    "I nasha familiya - russkaya," said Tatiana on Jasmine's heels, smiling. She had walked in just in time to hear the end of Dorian's remark. Katerina followed closely on her heels, justifying her use... more
                    • So many new faces.Johana Leonie and Felipe, Sun May 19 15:23
                      OOC - Full disclosure, I'm using Google Translate for the non-English bits, as that's the best I have available to me. IC - Johana Leonie was excited to see so many faces coming into the room, and... more
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