Lily Spencer
Calling all Pecari concert performers!
Sun May 19, 2019 00:55

After their somewhat successful meeting in the common room months ago, Lily had been working hard on creating an inclusive play that would both showcase the qualities of Pecari as well as their individual talents. Their adventure play would not be very long, but would have broom flying, booby traps, pretend near-death experiences and an epic duel. Their play was going to be set in the forest where wild boars were found.

The plot of their story would be an adventurer going through the forest on a quest to find a legendary boar statue made of gold. Lily was quite proud of coming up with this story, though she had based it off of a book she'd once read as a child. Still, writing a short play was quite the accomplishment for her.

It was a lot of work organising this play, and she was very glad she had Isaac and Brett to rely on for help. Today she needed everyone who was interested to confirm their roles in the play. She'd asked everyone who was interested to join for another meeting in the common room.

"Thank you for coming," she said when it seemed as though no one else was coming. "We're choosing roles for the play that we voted on. Open roles are the adventurer, the evil wizard or witch who duels the adventurer at the end and the guide who flies the adventurer to the cave where the statue is hidden. If you would like to have another role, I'm open for suggestions. We'll all need to help with designing set pieces as well." That part was something she would delegate either Isaac or Brett to organise as art and design was not her forte.

OOC: This would take place in the first term. You can assume Lily handed out the script to everyone at the beginning of this meeting for them to look over.

  • Fast and Furious ThreadsDH Skies, Fri May 17 19:43
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    • Dance, puppets, dance!Georgia Kirkly, Sun May 19 07:33
      Georgia had rough choreography worked out for two of the numbers. 'Umbrella' was easy to come up with ideas for because there was both the music video and the Glee performance from which to gather... more
      • How you say, pull some strings? Johana Leonie Zauberhexen, Sun May 19 21:57
        Johana Leonie was not confident at all, but working with Dorian had helped and she was not scared either. She didn't really have the words she needed to make this work, but thought that she could... more
        • Pretty much like thatGeorgia, Sun May 19 23:23
          "Right," Georgia nodded slowly as she parsed that last absolute mess of a sentence. "I don't know that type of dancing. Can you show us?"
    • Calling all Pecari concert performers! — Lily Spencer, Sun May 19 00:55
      • Bold, cold, brown, and gold. Evelyn Stones, Sun May 19 01:18
        Evelyn raised her hand. She'd been keeping herself a little quiet, trying to be as helpful as possible without committing to anything. Things were finally going well at home, so she was feeling good... more
        • Re: Bold, cold, brown, and gold. Hilda, Sun May 19 06:52
          As per usual, Hilda was not understanding much of what happened in Pecari, having no other German speakers to translate for her or puzzle over it with her. But she had gathered there was a concert... more
    • Dinner timeSylvia Mordue, Sat May 18 23:05
      Sylvia was incredibly early to the hall for the dining period. It was Saturday and she had spent the afternoon swimming. At the point where she had exited the pool, it was too close to dinner time to ... more
    • Banner painting (tag all additional language speakers)Dorian Montoir, Sat May 18 21:45
      Multi-Lingual Welcome Banner Do you or your family speak a language/languages other than English? We will be making a welcome banner for the concert reflecting all the languages spoken by Sonora... more
      • All the languages! Johana Leonie Zauberhexen and Felipe De Matteo, Sun May 19 00:54
        Johana Leonie arrived first, mostly because she wasn't entirely sure she was going to the right place. Ironically, the advertisement itself was in English, and Johana Leonie had had to read it... more
        • All the relevant languagesDorian, Sun May 19 01:07
          "Hello," Dorian smiled when Johana Leonie arrived, glad that she seemed excited for the project. She said something about her family, and he could roughly guess from the context that maybe she was... more
          • That is not so clear either, but I understand. Felipe De Matteo and Johanna Leonie Zauberhexen, Sun May 19 01:24
            Johana Leonie had never studied any language in a classroom, except by way of learning English while also learning other things in a classroom, but thought she knew what Dorian meant and nodded.... more
            • The rest of the German contingent Hexenmeisters, Sun May 19 07:03
              Heinrich saw the signs and told Hilda about it, so the two German siblings arrived together in the MARS art room. “Hello,” Heinrich greeted the room at large while Hilda said “Hallo!” mostly in... more
              • Out of placeJasmine Delachene, Sun May 19 07:22
                The notice about a welcome banner in all their families languages had drawn Jasmines’s attention, not because she spoke anything other than English - she didn’t, at least not any more than a few... more
                • Welcome to my worldDorian, Sun May 19 08:36
                  Dorian smiled and greeted the Hexenmeisters (more Heinrich than... the sister, but he was glad they'd all come). He was very surprised when Jasmine walked into the room, although this rather proved... more
                  • Hello. Nice world. Very welcomingJasmine, Sun May 19 15:05
                    The French mystery was solved when Dorian spoke up and brought her attention to himself. She had noticed his accent was similar to her grandparents' and his last name did sound French. He must have... more
                    • We agree.Tatiana and Katerina, Sun May 19 15:11
                      "I nasha familiya - russkaya," said Tatiana on Jasmine's heels, smiling. She had walked in just in time to hear the end of Dorian's remark. Katerina followed closely on her heels, justifying her use... more
    • Girl talk (tag Jasmine)Cleo, Sat May 18 21:37
      It was an orchestra night, which meant Peyton would be out and Cleo could go hang out with Jasmine without having to deal with a stranger. She knocked on the fourth years' door and made her way in.... more
      • Excellent!Jasmine , Sun May 19 07:30
        Jasmine was surprised by the knock on her door but called out an invitation anyway without checking to see who it was. It was Cleo, and she smile warmly in greeting, which grew as she noticed the... more
        • Yay!Cleo, Sun May 19 08:15
          "Is sparkly a colour?" Cleo joked, holding out the polish for inspection. It was mainly composed of glittery pieces suspended in relatively clear polish. She settled on the bed and passed it over.... more
          • Re: Yay!Jasmine , Sun May 19 09:13
            “Sparkly,” Jasmine declared definitively, “is the best color.” She took the polish for inspection and nodded in approval. “I like it.” She had already kicked off her shoes and was working on removing ... more
            • K, so....Cleo, Sun May 19 09:39
              Cleo smiled, relieved to find the nail polish met with approval. She had a few from her grandmother, and she knew they were just some cheap drugstore thing. She wasn't sure how stuff like that could... more
              • I think you're being wound upJasmine, Sun May 19 16:39
                Jasmine had not kissed a boy. This was a sad fact, but not one that made her a baby. "Anna is mistaken," she stated, certain of her facts because Mom had talked to her about this. "Kisses are for... more
                • PhewCleo, Sun May 19 18:47
                  "Do you believe in true love?" Cleo asked, somewhat surprised. She was relieved Jasmine wasn't laughing at her over any of this, but she wasn't sure she quite trusted that view of things either.... more
                  • IndeedJasmine, Sun May 19 20:50
                    Jasmine was taken aback by Cleo's question. "Of course," she declared, having never doubted True Love. "My mom said she loved my dad from the moment she first heard his French accent. They were... more
                    • Differences of opinionCleo, Sun May 19 21:23
                      "Hm," Cleo mused. She took the brush back from Jasmine, flicking it over a fingernail to buy herself thinking time. "I don't think it always works like that though," she added, hesitant to disagree... more
    • Aladrens! Casting Call!Zevalyn, Sat May 18 19:32
      Well, they had a script and basic plan, and she'd gotten a few volunteers from her initial sign-up sheet for roles, but a lot of names were missing and she really needed to sort out the cast. Ness... more
      • Uh-ohGary Harper, Sat May 18 19:55
        Gary looked around him, but saw only stone walls and Zevalyn standing with her clipboard waiting for a response. "Heh... ummm..." He certainly didn't want to be on stage in front of people, he wasn't ... more
        • Great, thanks!Zevalyn, Sat May 18 19:58
          "Great!" Zevalyn declared, marking Gary down as backstage help. "Effects? Making set pieces? Anything in particular you'd like to do backstage? Or should I just mark you down as Backstage... more
          • No problemGary, Sat May 18 20:07
            "Umm..." he thought for a moment, "Miscellaneous sounds fine. I'll do whatever I can to help backstage."
            • Perfect Zevalyn , Sat May 18 20:28
              “Perfect,” Zevalyn said as she made a few more marks into her clipboard. “Thanks, Gary. I’ll get back to you when I know what we’re going to need for sets and stuff.”
    • Fortune favors the bold... right? (Tag Jasmine)Gary Harper, Sat May 18 19:01
      Enough was enough. Gary tossed his papers aside and headed for Cascade hall. It was time to stop pussyfooting and lollygagging around. It was time for action, and all his research and prepwork had... more
      • That's how the saying goes, I thinkJasmine Delachene, Sat May 18 19:05
        Jasmine looked up in surprise as Gary approached and questioned the availability of the nearby empty seat. She'd thought he seemed to be avoiding her lately and hadn't entirely been sure why. But he... more
        • That's what I was afraid ofGary, Sat May 18 19:12
          Gary sat down in the offered seat, grateful but more scared than ever. Now what? Thankfully, despite it's infestation of winged insects, his stomach reminded him of one reason that he had come down... more
          • Just put everything you say inside b tagsJasmine, Sat May 18 19:19
            Jasmine gave him a raised eyebrow. He was being weird. "Things go fine," she said carefully, like she was a little bit concerned he might not be entirely okay himself. "I'm dancing in Crotalus's... more
            • Hmm.. could work....Gary, Sat May 18 19:27
              "That's good." She was looking at him funny, he was failing his charisma checks... nuts! She'll run away screaming at any moment now... He had to fix this, she mentioned the concert, he could maybe... more
              • Of course it willJasmine, Sat May 18 19:38
                Skits? That did not sound very musically inclined. Weren't concerts supposed to be about music? No mattter, not important. "Oh, we have a choreographed routine that shows off strategic planning as a... more
                • Any other good advise?Gary, Sat May 18 19:50
                  She was smiling! Success! "Awesome, that's great!" This was working, now what? Compliments maybe? Why was talking to people so hard? "I'm sure you'll be fantastic up on stage." Umm.. his under... more
                  • Talk about horses. Or Disney.Jasmine, Sat May 18 20:02
                    Jasmine beamed, pleased by his certainty of her performance skill. "Thanks. I'm excited for my family to come see it. Will yours be there?"
                    • That is good adviseGary, Sat May 18 20:15
                      Gary nearly snorted the food he had been swallowing out through is nose at her question as a realization struck him. "Sorry... I just... yeah." He took a brief moment to collect himself again. "I'm... more
    • Perfectly normal behaviourDorian Montoir, Sat May 18 04:49
      The MARS room was problematic, in that it gave you exactly what you wanted. Dorian supposed he could focus on how he wanted it to let his magic do its thing but it was just easier to practise in a... more
      • Normal enough at least.Felipe De Matteo, Sat May 18 12:15
        Felipe had heard stories about the secret passages at schools like Hogwarts and wondered if he might find some good adventure spots for his and Zara's next trip. Plus, he could avoid people if he... more
        • I'll settle for thatDorian, Sat May 18 21:50
          Yes, was really the honest answer to that. Dorian had chosen to work backstage for a reason - i.e. he did not relish having an audience. And he suspected he was about to go through several failures... more
          • We all must. Felipe De Matteo, Sun May 19 01:01
            Felipe cocked his head, not sure what to do with an answer like that. He was sure that Dorian Montoir was as humble as they came, but also seemed shy. He wasn't sure whether the boy was trying to get ... more
            • Well thenDorian, Sun May 19 01:16
              "Thank you," Dorian replied, appearing a little flustered with surprise at the compliment. "It's okay," he decided. Felipe was, at least, being kind and gentle in the way he talked, respectful of how ... more
              • Was that not kind? Felipe De Matteo, Sun May 19 01:29
                Felipe smiled a little bit as he took a seat on top of a nearby desk, out of range of where he expected the rain to land. Experiments were something he understood well, and had killed any number of... more
                • That was a neutral not a huffy 'well then'Dorian, Sun May 19 03:32
                  "I have a few in mind," Dorian replied. He had already taken a copy of the page from his notebook, as he didn't want to place the latter anywhere near pouring water. He hesitated only slightly before ... more
                  • Oh good.Felipe, Sun May 19 15:28
                    Felipe nodded, agreeing as he listened and looked over Dorian's paper. He thought the doodle was nice, and the poem was far outside of his own realm of skills, which made him like it all the more. To ... more
    • Weeding (tag any gardening club member)Cleo James, Sat May 18 00:17
      Cleo had gathered the gardening club with the main purpose of doing some weeding. It wasn't the most glamorous of jobs, but she had always felt it fair that they pitched in and did everything their... more
      • Re: Weeding (tag any gardening club member)Ivy Brockert, Sat May 18 17:14
        Ivy had always really loved gardening. Her dad had once been the Groundskeeper at Sonora and it was something the two of them had always done together.She didn't even mind things like weeding. They... more
        • Getting all the bad bits outCleo, Sat May 18 22:14
          "Does that mean you don't mind it on days like this?" Cleo asked.
          • What bad bits?Ivy, Sat May 18 22:16
            "Not really." Ivy replied. "Weeding is part gardening and in all honesty, I find it sort of...relaxing you know? Like some people do with crafting."
            • The weedsCleo, Sat May 18 22:38
              "Yes," Cleo smiled, happy to find she shared a feeling in common with a member of the gardening club. It shouldn't have really been surprising, given that they'd signed up to be a part of this, but... more
    • Continued from MARS (Evelyn)Heinrich , Fri May 17 22:32
      Heinrich took back his robe and felt her warmth on it. He felt an impulse to let her keep wearing it, but he wasn’t sure if that would be appropriate. Instead, he just led the way out to the Gardens. ... more
      • Bad Good DogsEvelyn Stones, Fri May 17 23:10
        Evelyn followed Heinrich outside and they walked in relative silence, which was surprisingly comfortable. Once they were outside though, she had to agree that none of the rocks in the Gardens seemed... more
        • How hard is finding a symbolic symbol anyway?Heinrich, Sat May 18 18:56
          Heinrich did not go out in the maze much. He took runs sometimes, but mostly just along the outer edges and the well traveled paths. "Know you the way?" he questioned, willing to trust her if she... more
          • Symbolically speaking? Or literally? Evelyn Stones, Sun May 19 00:39
            Evelyn smiled. Did she know the maze well? Of course she knew the maze well. If there was anywhere at Sonora that Evelyn knew and felt comfortable, it was the maze. Maybe also a certain big squishy... more
            • Either, both.Heinrich, Sun May 19 16:22
              Heinrich smiled back in response to Evelyn's smile and followed her into the maze. "It is feeding good wolf to lead me safe through maze," he told her, thinking this might be a good thing for her to... more
              • That is a good summary of everything. Evelyn Stones, Sun May 19 16:36
                Evelyn hadn't thought of it that way, but was glad to hear it. She wanted to be a good wolf more than ever when she heard that she was already doing little things to show it, and Heinrich was well... more
                • I have some skill in being ConciseHeinrich, Sun May 19 17:00
                  Heinrich nodded, in agreement that eggs were maybe not the best choice for a symbol, at least not a real egg, because it would probably break or get smelly after a while. Her next question worried... more
                  • I ought to learn the same. Evelyn Stones, Sun May 19 17:12
                    Evelyn looked curiously at Heinrich when he spoke about the things that made him happy. She had noticed a similar tendency in Ness, to find happiness in themselves rather than in the world around... more
                    • I do not always utilize this skillHeinrich, Sun May 19 20:21
                      He nodded in understanding of what Evelyn was saying. He did like the taste of a good strudel - his joy over that had been how they first really met, in fact - and the sight of how moonlight on the... more
    • Is senioritis real for professors too? [tag DH Skies]Mary Brooding, Fri May 17 21:54
      It was easy to forget to think about other people now that Mary and Tabitha were married and shared quarters. Why on earth would they want to when they could just hide away in their rooms and enjoy... more
      • Which answer gets me the cookies?DH Skies, Fri May 17 22:42
        Selina jumped slightly at the knock on her door. It was late enough that it meant it probably wasn't anything good. She was therefore very relieved when, upon opening the door and finding a member of ... more
        • The one that lets me share them with you. Mary Brooding, Fri May 17 22:53
          Mary thought it was probably true that cookies and booze fell into separate categories of fun, but chuckled anyway. "Sorocize sounds good," Mary laughed. She thought of Tabitha in her room, and then... more
          • NiceDH Skies, Sat May 18 00:11
            "No, that's fine. Please come in," Selina smiled. She was perfectly happy to have Mary visit her, she just hadn't wanted to assume that this was a party for two if she merely being invited to come... more
            • I try to be. Mary Brooding, Sat May 18 00:37
              Mary smiled and took Selina's invitation, stepping into her room and breathing in the soft scent of a very cozy professor. Her rooms were nice, which made it all that much lovelier. "Where do you... more
              • You succeed very oftenSelina, Sat May 18 22:13
                "On the table," Selina smiled, indicating a low coffee table in front of the sofa where they could sit. She summoned a bag of chips from one of the cupboards, feeling that she should contribute... more
                • Oh, that's so nice of you to say!Mary Brooding, Sun May 19 01:12
                  Mary nodded her thanks and did as she was told, taking a seat. She chuckled a little at Selina's display of nerves, a rare insight into the steadfast woman's private concerns. "I was going to ask... more
                  • And nice of you to doSelina, Sun May 19 01:36
                    "They're doing very well," Selina smiled. She checked off a couple of recent milestones, along with more anecdotal evidence of how well the pair were doing. "Yes" she agreed, when Mary mentioned... more
                    • We are both so nice. It's lovely. Mary Brooding, Sun May 19 01:55
                      Mary squeed appropriately in all the right places and was all around a perfect audience for hearing about baby things. It made her happy and she was all smiles, nibbling on a cookie as she listened.... more
    • I need Tatya and Dorya Time (tag Dorian).Tatiana Vorontsova, Fri May 17 21:16
      It might, given her general personality, have surprised some, but the library was one of Tatiana's favorite places at Sonora. Within it, she conquered difficult things, she hid and read Russian... more
      • I can probably get on board with thatDorian, Fri May 17 21:32
        Dorian was flicking between his stack of books, trying to answer such questions as 'How do you make rain fall on an umbrella without making a sound' and wondering when this had become his life. Not... more
        • Excellent.Tatiana, Fri May 17 21:44
          Not a lot. Well, that might limit his helpfulness here. Tatiana put her hand on the table, allowing her fingernails to try to trace the grain of the wood. "When I go Rodzhestvo," she said, "I dance... more
          • So long as this isn't about meDorian, Fri May 17 22:08
            Dorian's eyebrows shot up at Tatya's comments, revealing that what she had said was clearly of Some Significance. His immediate instinct when she said it was stupid was to assure her that it was not, ... more
            • Possibly we can tap-dance around that...Tatiana, Sat May 18 09:27
              Flirtation was a word expressed by a roughly similar word in Russian, but it was not a concept with which Tatiana was very familiar, especially as it related to herself. Mama said disapprovingly... more
              • PhewDorian, Sat May 18 09:42
                "I don't know," Dorian shrugged, when Tatya asked why she was thinking about this boy now. "You were looking in your jewellery box and it reminds you?" he suggested.
                • ...though the day is young.Tatiana, Sat May 18 09:47
                  Tatiana shook her head. "No," she said. "No jewelry box. Bah. Is stupid." She looked at her friend curiously. "So. It is only boys who talk so? Girls do not say such stupid to you?" Dorian clearly... more
                  • YikesDorian, Sat May 18 20:57
                    "Mama sometimes tells to Emilie that she flirts too much, so girls can. But... I am not really sure how it is. I am not sure the difference between flirt and being friendly." Or between flirting and... more
    • Wilkommen et bienvenue (tag Heinrich)Dorian, Fri May 17 20:10
      "Good evening," Dorian had noticed Heinrich alone at the Aladren table and made his way over, as he had been meaning to speak to him. He could have talked to Johanna-Leonie, but he wanted to ask... more
      • und WelcomeHeinrich, Fri May 17 20:46
        Heinrich was a little surprised when Dorian approached him at dinner. Hilda had already eaten lunch with him, so he wasn't expecting her company, and Evelyn had many other friends and he wasn't quite ... more
        • I suppose we should include thatDorian, Fri May 17 21:19
          "Oh. Sorry," Dorian apologised, clearly mortified when Heinrich pointed out that he was not 'international.' He supposed technically Tatya wasn't either, though he rarely thought of her as American - ... more
          • It seems fairHeinrich, Fri May 17 21:44
            Heinrich was probably a bad person for thinking it, but he was relieved when Dorian - who was a year older, and presumably came to Sonora a little better prepared for it than Heinrich had - admitted... more
            • No, that was last yearDorian, Fri May 17 21:53
              "Yes," Dorian answered, surprised to find a question about identity politics that was actually easy to answer. "I am Canadian, from the French-speaking part. And my mother is Chinese, so..." so I'm... more
              • That is English wordplay. Very clever.Heinrich , Fri May 17 22:20
                “Deutscher Einwanderer,” Heinrich identified himself readily. The question had been how he regarded himself, and that was the accurate answer. He added the translation soon after, however, so Dorian... more
                • *bows* Thank youDorian, Fri May 17 23:07
                  "That is helpful," Dorian nodded, when Heinrich mentioned his uncle, assuming him to be an addition to Heinrich's family unit and not a replacement for his parents. "My parents... They just use... more
                  • You're welcomeHeinrich, Sat May 18 18:50
                    Heinrich had not run into too many negative reactions to using the word immigrant, but that may be because this was the first time he had used it. He supposed most people probably did just assume he... more
                    • And other Disney greatsDorian, Sat May 18 21:05
                      Snakes. Non-metaphorical snakes. No people, and not meaning bad people, just literal snakes. "Oh," said Dorian. He knew you were supposed to say something complimentary when someone told you about... more
    • Bad Teppenpaws (tag Jozua)Kir McLeod, Fri May 17 19:52
      Kir sighed and put down his history book. He was doing extended study with Jozua, which was normally fun, only Kir found he was not in a very 'having fun' kind of mood. He had been trying hard to... more
      • Jozua blinked in mild surprise at Kir. This was as much because they had stopped talking about dead people and now were suddenly . . . not as because of the request itself. Or at least, he assumed... more
        • Who said I was talking about you?Kir, Fri May 17 20:30
          "I will take your word as a gentleman and not force you to make the unbreakable vow," Kir grinned, in response to Jozua's very serious offer. Already the problem felt smaller by putting it in the... more
          • My guilty conscience, I guessJozua, Fri May 17 21:17
            Jozua grinned back as his escape from using the unbreakable vow, but then sobered as Kir shared what was bothering him. Jozua had no idea how he had become the go-to guy for Teppenpaw Prefects... more
            • I think you're a pretty good oneKir, Fri May 17 21:42
              Kir laughed at loud at Jozua's suggestion of a duel, which again, really helped. The follow up suggestion of 'but actually, semi-seriously... duel her' was an interesting take. "I'll consider it," he ... more
              • Jozua shrugged, figuring dueling wasn't the ideal solution for everyone, and if Kir thought it was a last resort, that was up to Kir. "Vent as much as you need to," he offered, as that seemed to be... more
                • And it wasn't bad adviceKir, Sat May 18 21:57
                  "I don't know... I mean, I've more tried to do piece by piece damage control. Like... Could we maybe listen to everyone? Could we not scare people? Maybe a conversation about our overall project... more
                  • You didn’t take it thoughJozua , Sun May 19 06:35
                    Jozua laughed (quietly - this was the library) at the assertion he was rolling high on diplomacy today. “My dice must be on fire,” he joked. “I get the plus one bonus for being a Teppenpaw, but my... more
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