Well then
Sun May 19, 2019 01:16

"Thank you," Dorian replied, appearing a little flustered with surprise at the compliment. "It's okay," he decided. Felipe was, at least, being kind and gentle in the way he talked, respectful of how Dorian might feel about a situation and that did quite a lot to put him at ease.

"At the moment, it is also an exercise in research and experiments, not just the charms," he explained. "I need to know how loud it sounds first, so then if I do the charm and it works only a little bit - because I am not yet good at it - then I know it is at least working, and it is my casting, rather than choose the wrong spell."

He resumed his stance on the desk, taking his wand to lift the water from bucket and scatter it in a shower over the umbrella. Each drop bounced off with a resounding miniature thud.

"Hold in your head how loud this sounds, then we try some spells and try again," he explained.

  • We all must. Felipe De Matteo, Sun May 19 01:01
    Felipe cocked his head, not sure what to do with an answer like that. He was sure that Dorian Montoir was as humble as they came, but also seemed shy. He wasn't sure whether the boy was trying to get ... more
    • Well then — Dorian, Sun May 19 01:16
      • Was that not kind? Felipe De Matteo, Sun May 19 01:29
        Felipe smiled a little bit as he took a seat on top of a nearby desk, out of range of where he expected the rain to land. Experiments were something he understood well, and had killed any number of... more
        • That was a neutral not a huffy 'well then'Dorian, Sun May 19 03:32
          "I have a few in mind," Dorian replied. He had already taken a copy of the page from his notebook, as he didn't want to place the latter anywhere near pouring water. He hesitated only slightly before ... more
          • Oh good.Felipe, Sun May 19 15:28
            Felipe nodded, agreeing as he listened and looked over Dorian's paper. He thought the doodle was nice, and the poem was far outside of his own realm of skills, which made him like it all the more. To ... more
            • "That's a really excellent idea," he smiled, when Felipe suggested a cushioning charm. "Or perhaps..." he flicked through the charms books he'd brought, because something was on the tip of his... more
              • And the stage! Felipe De Matteo, Sun May 19 22:00
                Felipe masked his grin with a more polite smile, thrilled to have been of any help. The fact that an older student who seemed pretty nice was complimenting him for his brains instead of his... more
                • That tooDorian, Sun May 19 23:18
                  Dorian nodded to the other boy's comments and then turned his attention to the umbrella. He cast a quick drying charm on it to be able to better evaluate his results and then swept the water from the ... more
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