Evelyn Stones
Bold, cold, brown, and gold.
Sun May 19, 2019 01:18

Evelyn raised her hand. She'd been keeping herself a little quiet, trying to be as helpful as possible without committing to anything. Things were finally going well at home, so she was feeling good about getting involved in school.

"I'm up for anything," Evelyn said when Lily turned her attention to her. "The guide sounds best though."

The idea of having to perform magic on stage in front of everyone sounded terrible and unlikely to work, but at least this way her family (which still sounded weird to consider in terms of a happy collective) could see her taking part.

  • Calling all Pecari concert performers!Lily Spencer, Sun May 19 00:55
    After their somewhat successful meeting in the common room months ago, Lily had been working hard on creating an inclusive play that would both showcase the qualities of Pecari as well as their... more
    • Bold, cold, brown, and gold. — Evelyn Stones, Sun May 19 01:18
      • Re: Bold, cold, brown, and gold. Hilda, Sun May 19 06:52
        As per usual, Hilda was not understanding much of what happened in Pecari, having no other German speakers to translate for her or puzzle over it with her. But she had gathered there was a concert... more
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