And nice of you to do
Sun May 19, 2019 01:36

"They're doing very well," Selina smiled. She checked off a couple of recent milestones, along with more anecdotal evidence of how well the pair were doing.

"Yes" she agreed, when Mary mentioned parenting the students, "Until you want something different for them to their actual parents," she noted, "And then you're suddenly very aware of how you're only their teacher," she pointed out, her emphasis rather sarcastic. "Still, we got Andrew James to come round," she added. The staff had been informed of Cleo's additional lessons, and so this was scarcely a secret. "I think that needs something to cheers with," she added, nodding at the bottle of whiskey, and very much including Mary in the 'we' that was getting credit here.

  • Oh, that's so nice of you to say!Mary Brooding, Sun May 19 01:12
    Mary nodded her thanks and did as she was told, taking a seat. She chuckled a little at Selina's display of nerves, a rare insight into the steadfast woman's private concerns. "I was going to ask... more
    • And nice of you to do — Selina, Sun May 19 01:36
      • We are both so nice. It's lovely. Mary Brooding, Sun May 19 01:55
        Mary squeed appropriately in all the right places and was all around a perfect audience for hearing about baby things. It made her happy and she was all smiles, nibbling on a cookie as she listened.... more
        • Go usSelina, Sun May 19 03:14
          "So do I," Selina answered, when Mary stated the hope that Andrew James was happy, "Complicated question, I think. But I believe that things are moving forward for Cleo. It's nice if that makes the... more
          • Team Awesome-Lady-ProfessorsMary, Sun May 19 15:32
            Mary couldn't have been happier to hear Selina's answer. It was a bit unnerving to think of the "customer is always right," or "parent is always right," sort of mindset that some seemed to have, and... more
            • Whoop whoopSelina, Sun May 19 19:40
              "Well, that's the most important thing," Selina smiled, when Mary reported that Dorian's mother adored him. "And sadly something you can't always take for granted. And Cleo has that on her side too.... more
              • And so we party.Mary Brooding, Sun May 19 22:14
                Mary nodded emphatically, knowing full well that Andrew James wasn't the only person who didn't necessarily know what was best for their child. A certain Teppenpaw who deserved to bring home a... more
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