Re: Bold, cold, brown, and gold.
Sun May 19, 2019 06:52

As per usual, Hilda was not understanding much of what happened in Pecari, having no other German speakers to translate for her or puzzle over it with her. But she had gathered there was a concert meeting today, so here she was. Understanding Lily was so much easier at Quidditch when Heinrich was there to tell her what she said. Some papers had been passed out, and it looked like a play script - a conclusion based mostly on formatting - so she guessed this was their act.

She’d probably take it to Heinrich to translate later, under a vow not to tell any non-Pecaris about it; not that Heinrich seemed to have any friends he was likely to talk to anyway - so she’d at least know what was going on in the plot. But people seemed to be discussing something now, with everyone getting a say, and she had no idea what was going on. However, she’d brought her flashcards, and she held up the two she hoped might be most applicable: “I don’t speak English” and “I like flying.”

Hopefully Lily could work with that.

  • Bold, cold, brown, and gold. Evelyn Stones, Sun May 19 01:18
    Evelyn raised her hand. She'd been keeping herself a little quiet, trying to be as helpful as possible without committing to anything. Things were finally going well at home, so she was feeling good... more
    • Re: Bold, cold, brown, and gold. — Hilda, Sun May 19 06:52
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