Sun May 19, 2019 07:30

Jasmine was surprised by the knock on her door but called out an invitation anyway without checking to see who it was. It was Cleo, and she smile warmly in greeting, which grew as she noticed the nail polish. “Yes, come in!” she repeated, much more eagerly than a moment ago. She patted the spot next to her on her bed. “What color is that?”

  • Girl talk (tag Jasmine)Cleo, Sat May 18 21:37
    It was an orchestra night, which meant Peyton would be out and Cleo could go hang out with Jasmine without having to deal with a stranger. She knocked on the fourth years' door and made her way in.... more
    • Excellent! — Jasmine , Sun May 19 07:30
      • Yay!Cleo, Sun May 19 08:15
        "Is sparkly a colour?" Cleo joked, holding out the polish for inspection. It was mainly composed of glittery pieces suspended in relatively clear polish. She settled on the bed and passed it over.... more
        • Re: Yay!Jasmine , Sun May 19 09:13
          “Sparkly,” Jasmine declared definitively, “is the best color.” She took the polish for inspection and nodded in approval. “I like it.” She had already kicked off her shoes and was working on removing ... more
          • K, so....Cleo, Sun May 19 09:39
            Cleo smiled, relieved to find the nail polish met with approval. She had a few from her grandmother, and she knew they were just some cheap drugstore thing. She wasn't sure how stuff like that could... more
            • I think you're being wound upJasmine, Sun May 19 16:39
              Jasmine had not kissed a boy. This was a sad fact, but not one that made her a baby. "Anna is mistaken," she stated, certain of her facts because Mom had talked to her about this. "Kisses are for... more
              • PhewCleo, Sun May 19 18:47
                "Do you believe in true love?" Cleo asked, somewhat surprised. She was relieved Jasmine wasn't laughing at her over any of this, but she wasn't sure she quite trusted that view of things either.... more
                • IndeedJasmine, Sun May 19 20:50
                  Jasmine was taken aback by Cleo's question. "Of course," she declared, having never doubted True Love. "My mom said she loved my dad from the moment she first heard his French accent. They were... more
                  • Differences of opinionCleo, Sun May 19 21:23
                    "Hm," Cleo mused. She took the brush back from Jasmine, flicking it over a fingernail to buy herself thinking time. "I don't think it always works like that though," she added, hesitant to disagree... more
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