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Medic Eir
Finally Something of Interest
Mon Sep 21, 2015 19:04

When Edda entered the Medical Wing something was off. The air was disturbed; Edda was disturbed. There must be a child about. Walking briskly over to the waiting area, Edda walked in to find Owen Brockert.

“Owen Brockert” she said, with blatant annoyance. Not only was she in a terrible mood but Owen’s condition wasn’t challenging enough to take her mind off it and the boy himself was an absolute bore. At least the other Brockerts had some redeemable features. Owen, though, Owen was all around. . . nice. She shuddered. Looking at the boy, though, she realized his coloring was extremely off. Maybe this would be more of a challenge.

The exasperation gone, she told him to wait there. She returned quickly with a pad of paper and quill for Owen and held the bottle of ink for him. She asked Owen about his most recent episode, telling him to write instead of talk. She didn’t feel bad for him, but as a medical professional didn’t want to risk worsening his current state by making him exert himself.

Owen had been her least interesting patient, and patients right now seemed less interesting than whatever it was writing secrets through the academy. She didn’t really want that to change. Despite not having found anything conclusive on her trips with Xavier through the gardens she preferred that to looking over little, smiley Owen. She didn’t want to take an interest in him, the weakling. Despite her prejudices, though, she was starting to. What had brought this on?

OOC: I'm so sorry for replying so late, life caught up with me. As always, sorry for Edda, too.

  • Giving the medic something to do.Owen Brockert, Sat Aug 29 20:48
    It was the day of the Teppalus-Pecari game and before Owen even opened his eyes, he knew he wouldn't be able to go support his classmates. For one thing, it was supposed to be really really cold, and ... more
    • Finally Something of Interest — Medic Eir, Mon Sep 21 19:04
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