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Jax and Gia Donovan
This is the end. (replies to Gia here)
Tue Sep 22, 2015 20:11

Jax walked the corridors to the Cascade Hall as he did every morning and discovered the arrows. At first, he thought someone had started a game of some sort. ‘Follow the arrows and discover a prize’ or something like that. But the longer he followed it, the more he began to realize the direction it was heading and soon he found himself looking at the Hospital Wing doors, doors that he had come out of only a couple of days before. The sign, the dreaded words. They weren’t direct, but the point was made. Someone new.

He heard other people coming and fear had him moving. He quickly passed other early morning risers and went in the opposite direction to where the arrows were pointing. He almost didn’t notice his sister until she called out to him.

“They know!” He hissed in their native tongue of Greek. “It’s out. Everything is out. Someone told!” His blue eyes looked like they were on fire from the anger and fear that pulsed through him. Gia stared at him wide eyed as she comprehended what he was telling her. There were people coming, some of them were going to figure it out. He needed to get away before they noticed him. His sister opened her mouth to say something, but he cut her off “Not now.” Jax turned to get away, but Gia caught his arm in her hand.

“Jax, wait!” She exclaimed.

“Not now!” Jax ripped his arm from her grasp with so much force that she toppled backward and landed hard on the ground. Surprise and regret slipped into his features as he stared down at his sister. His normal ‘brother’ mode would have had him apologizing and helping her up, but he was in flight mode. He needed to get away from the message. He needed to get away from people. Jax turned away from his sister and stormed away**

Gia laid on the ground stunned by what had happened. Her brother had rarely ever been so furious and never with her. He was terrified by his secret getting out and now it seemed to have.

She moved tentatively from her position on the ground. Her elbow hurt from where she landed on it and her left side was probably going to bruise a little. Moving, she noticed the arrows again and fury erupted within her. On her hands and knees, Gia started to scrub furiously at the chalk arrows. Why would someone do this to them? They haven’t done anything wrong! They just wanted to have a normal life for a little while. Someone knows and they want everyone else to know too! Jax isn’t bad! He isn’t but no one ever gives him a chance and now we’ll have to go away again! I don’t want to go away…

Gia worked her way through three arrows before she realized someone had joined her in the hallway. She had chalk and dust covering her hands, sleeves, and jeans. Her face was streaked with hot tears and she seemed to be on the verge of complete meltdown. She sniffled rather pathetically when she looked up at the person. “Why are people so cruel?” She asked in a quiet and rather shaky voice.

**Jax is continued in the gardens

  • Really, it's a secret?Anon, Tue Sep 22 08:25
    The moon was waning but only just, and the scent was still strong in the area of the hospital wing where the boy’s changes took place - away from prying eyes, in the quarantine area. Even without an... more
    • This is the end. (replies to Gia here) — Jax and Gia Donovan, Tue Sep 22 20:11
      • Yeah, if you're a blubbering idiot.Barnaby Pye, Wed Sep 23 14:10
        It had been awhile since Barnaby had cared to track down his elusive roommate's whereabouts. He'd know for quite sometime now what Jax was but in true Pye fashion he hadn't alerted anyone yet since... more
        • are not helping the situation.Gia Donovan, Thu Sep 24 18:01
          Gia wasn’t sure what she would have expected from someone who came upon her crying and trying to clean up the mess that the vandal had left behind. Perhaps they would have assisted her with helping... more
          • I never pretended to want to help.Barnaby, Sun Sep 27 19:58
            Barnaby held back an affected scoff as Gia dried her tears—clearing one stain from her face and adding another. For her credit, she stayed quiet while he talked to at her, but when she finally did... more
            • I wish you had just kept on walking.Gia, Tue Sep 29 20:26
              Gia frowned at the Aladren. She was not finding herself filled with the idea of friendship with him and the more that he spoke, the more she realized why Jax didn’t seem all that eager to be friends... more
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