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Barnaby Pye
Yeah, if you're a blubbering idiot.
Wed Sep 23, 2015 14:10

It had been awhile since Barnaby had cared to track down his elusive roommate's whereabouts. He'd know for quite sometime now what Jax was but in true Pye fashion he hadn't alerted anyone yet since one never knew when a bit of blackmail would be necessary to get one's point across. That blackmailing his werewolf roommate was wrong wasn't something that had ever crossed Barnaby's mind. It was just a simple market interaction. A "you want something, I want something" interaction that he had unknowingly witnessed over a hundred times at home.

That particular day his roommate’s condition was actually far from mind when Barnaby wandered into the Hospital Wing. Alfie had given him a nasty bruise last night after shoving him into a file cabinet when Barnaby had antagonized him greatly (using his relations with Cecily and supposed relations with Professor Carter as bits to dangle in front of his face much as Alfie had dangled those same things in front of him) and he was just looking for something to keep the edge off. To get rid of the bruise completely would be a missed opportunity to taunt Alfie with what he had done and Barnaby was still trying to figure out what it was that triggered Alfie’s anger—he didn’t buy the cool head that his older brother presented in class and he knew something was up. Pushing him until he snapped wasn’t the cleanest method that Barnaby could think of but since he was only only thirteen and his brother was a full fledged wizard there weren’t many other tactics he could really use. That Alfie had been remorseful mere seconds after the incident only further proved to Barnaby that Alfie was soft.

When he got to the Hospital Wing he was just in time to see Jax struggle with his sister over something that was written on the wall and then run away. Here, Barnaby was torn. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to move closer to read what it was that had been on the wall (and likely get caught up in a conversation with the sister) or if he wanted to follow his roommate. From the previous graffiti the school had been dealing with, Barnaby surmised that it was another secret that had been scribbled up there. And if the Donovans had been arguing over it, he assumed it had to do with them. That it was written in the Hospital Wing only further cemented Barnaby’s suspicions that the secret had to do with Jax’s lycanthropy. Barnaby bit his lip. He took one step forward and then retreated into the shadows as Gia bent down to scrub the arrows from the ground and from his vantage point he tried his best to make out what had been written.

“Someone’s contagious.”

Barnaby raised an eyebrow. That was really the best the secret writer would do? Writing something like that would only cause students to run in the opposite direction. Unless someone was incredibly stupid and wanted to get sick. It didn’t make any sense to Barnaby. Why, if someone had information as juicy as they did on Jax and wanted to hold it over him, why in the world would they write something as innocent as that. Contagious could apply to a world of diseases and not just lycanthropy. In fact, Barnaby thought lycanthropy would be just about the last thing people would think of. Unless, of course, he realized with narrowed eyes, they saw Gia trying to get rid of those ridiculous arrows. Barnaby sighed and rolled his eyes, marching forward to stand over his roommate’s twin. He would have made a much more condescending picture if his right eye hadn’t been yellow, purple, and green from the file cabinet drawer, but his arched eyebrows and twisted lips got the picture across just fine.

The whimper that escaped Gia’s lips only served to exasperate Barnaby instead of eliciting a sympathetic response as he thought she might have expected. “Get up,” he said, his voice almost disdainful. “You’re only going to draw more attention to the situation if you sit here blubbering like an idiot.” He offered a hand to the girl, squashing the little voice in his head that tried to ask him why he cared enough to help the siblings by reasoning it was so that he didn’t loose leverage against them if he needed it some road down in the future.

“Look at the words carefully,” he said now. “There’s nothing in there about your brother being a…you-know-what,” he continued lowering his voice so no one could over hear. “And I highly doubt the idiots at this school will put it together from a scribble as ambiguous as that. I mean, it’s obvious to you and I since we know what it’s referring to, but someone’s ‘contagious’?” He scoffed. “No one in their right mind is going to actually go into a sick person’s room to catch a contagious disease, right? And the only people who are going to figure it out likely already had their suspicions and has anyone raced to the Headmaster with this juicy little tidbit?” He raised an eyebrow as if asking her to challenge what Barnaby viewed as very sound logic.

OOC: Yeah, I know... Barnaby's a cocky ass.

  • This is the end. (replies to Gia here)Jax and Gia Donovan, Tue Sep 22 20:11
    Jax walked the corridors to the Cascade Hall as he did every morning and discovered the arrows. At first, he thought someone had started a game of some sort. ‘Follow the arrows and discover a prize’... more
    • Yeah, if you're a blubbering idiot. — Barnaby Pye, Wed Sep 23 14:10
      • are not helping the situation.Gia Donovan, Thu Sep 24 18:01
        Gia wasn’t sure what she would have expected from someone who came upon her crying and trying to clean up the mess that the vandal had left behind. Perhaps they would have assisted her with helping... more
        • I never pretended to want to help.Barnaby, Sun Sep 27 19:58
          Barnaby held back an affected scoff as Gia dried her tears—clearing one stain from her face and adding another. For her credit, she stayed quiet while he talked to at her, but when she finally did... more
          • I wish you had just kept on walking.Gia, Tue Sep 29 20:26
            Gia frowned at the Aladren. She was not finding herself filled with the idea of friendship with him and the more that he spoke, the more she realized why Jax didn’t seem all that eager to be friends... more
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