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I never pretended to want to help.
Sun Sep 27, 2015 19:58

Barnaby held back an affected scoff as Gia dried her tears—clearing one stain from her face and adding another. For her credit, she stayed quiet while he talked to at her, but when she finally did deign to answer him her response both annoyed and amused him. “First of all, when did I ever say I wanted to help. I’m just trying to keep you from making an idiot of yourself in front of the entire student body. If people find out and you leave then I’m likely to be stuck with just Jack and he likes to chat. Your brother, loathe as I am to admit, keeps quiet which, is quite preferable to my tastes.”

The little partial truth wouldn’t hurt her, Barnaby reasoned. Besides, if he and Tarquin weren’t so hell bent on what they wanted then it was quite likely that what he told her would have been the whole truth rather than just the superficial reasoning behind his shut mouth. “Secondly, I wasn’t curious enough to find out anything. I’m not an idiot, anyone with any sense is going to find out if they share a room with a werewolf. If you’ve got anyone to worry about it’s Jack Spencer, not me nor anyone else at this ridiculous school.”

He sighed rather exasperatedly before continuing to answer her doubts regarding his logic. “And no, I don’t think that someone writing anything like this on the doors for all to see is going to cause anyone to find out who’s contagious. Do you even think the Medic is going to let them through those doors to get close enough to find out? Besides, your brother isn’t even in there. I saw him run the opposite direction.” He could barely contain the eye roll that threatened to punctuate his statement. “No one’s going to watch the infirmary. They’re not going to care because people are selfish and self-absorbed. It will all go away by the end of the school year I’m certain of it.”

Gia’s lack of faith in humanity coupled with her odd belief that the majority of wizarding kind had a couple knuts to rub together in the brains department completely boggled Barnaby. He himself had no faith in humanity but along with that he also held the belief that the majority of wizarding kind couldn’t really do anything. “You’re not going to have to leave because the majority of people are going to see the sign and either not go in or try to go in. If they try the Medic will kick them out. If they decide to find out, Jax isn’t even there to be discovered. No one is going to think the Medic is going to let a contagious student roam around the hallways so they’ll either come to the conclusion that it was some first year who died and never came back or that whoever was contagious isn’t anymore. Besides, I’ve heard rumor that some students think the vandal is just making stuff up to freak us out. This graffiti is going to become urban legend and by next year people will be talking about the ghost of the child that died from dragon pox, there’s no need to worry about it. Okay? People are idiots, they’re slow, they just are.”

"I'll start the rumor myself if it pleases you." He took a deep breath and tilted his head to get a better look at her. “Now if you want to continue this debate I suggest we keep it moving or else people really will start to wonder if two second years are having a large blow out fight over a couple of chalk arrows, hmm?” He grabbed her arm lightly—not unkindly and started to pull her away from the scene.

  • are not helping the situation.Gia Donovan, Thu Sep 24 18:01
    Gia wasn’t sure what she would have expected from someone who came upon her crying and trying to clean up the mess that the vandal had left behind. Perhaps they would have assisted her with helping... more
    • I never pretended to want to help. — Barnaby, Sun Sep 27 19:58
      • I wish you had just kept on walking.Gia, Tue Sep 29 20:26
        Gia frowned at the Aladren. She was not finding herself filled with the idea of friendship with him and the more that he spoke, the more she realized why Jax didn’t seem all that eager to be friends... more
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