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I wish you had just kept on walking.
Tue Sep 29, 2015 20:26

Gia frowned at the Aladren. She was not finding herself filled with the idea of friendship with him and the more that he spoke, the more she realized why Jax didn’t seem all that eager to be friends with him either. “I used the term ‘help’ to be polite.” Gia commented, a hint of annoyance filling her voice. “It doesn’t seem you are capable of being polite though.” Gia had been around roughnecks and all around terrible people, but she had never been spoken to in such a way as this. There had always been some form of respect.

Even warning him not to be condescending to her had not get him to understand that he was crossing the line. Gia was not brainless. Yes, she could be emotional, but she felt like she had all the right in the world to be when it dealt with her family. Maybe other people would interpret that incorrectly, but she was not stupid for being Human. Perhaps it was a language barrier between them that was causing the friction, she wasn’t sure. Either way, she didn’t want to have to defend herself to someone who didn’t understand the fear that this message caused for her and for her brother.

He apparently didn’t know people as well as he thought he did. Gia knew them to be curious creatures. If they caught the scent of something interesting or dangerous, they went out of their way to discover what it was. Years of traveling, meeting people, settling, only to be uprooted over and over again because someone became too curious about them had taught the Donovans how people were. Barnaby seemed to be from a family of wealth and privilege. What did he know of anything? He didn’t know how people worked. Not real people.

Gia knew that if her father were still alive, life for her would be very different. He was a Donovan and that name still held meaning in Ireland. She would have a life of wealth too instead of fear and worry about being found out. Gia didn’t really remember her father, she had only just barely turned five when he was killed, but Jax and her mother spoke of him in the sweetest of ways. It made her ache sometimes. “You really have no idea what people are capable of.” Gia stated when Barnaby went on and on about how people were too selfish or stupid to work it out for themselves. If they were so self-absorbed or stupid, her family wouldn’t have had to flee Greece in the first place.

“I doubt that rumor would even work.” She commented. “We have a small class; people would know if someone was suddenly not here anymore.” Gia looked at his hand that was holding her arm. She did not remove it, but she was not pleased by it either. “If you aren’t attempting to help me, why would you spread a rumor for me? Or for Jax? I can’t imagine Jack being that terrible of a roommate that you would desire Jax to be around that badly.” Gia walked with Barnaby even if she didn't believe him. She was tired and wanted to go find Sammy and have a good proper cry with someone who actually cared. "Perhaps they would just think we were having a lovers quarrel and won't even notice the arrows on the ground." She added just for fun.

  • I never pretended to want to help.Barnaby, Sun Sep 27 19:58
    Barnaby held back an affected scoff as Gia dried her tears—clearing one stain from her face and adding another. For her credit, she stayed quiet while he talked to at her, but when she finally did... more
    • I wish you had just kept on walking. — Gia, Tue Sep 29 20:26
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