Kit Reid
Mind if I join?
Fri Nov 4, 2016 19:48

Kit wanted to try everything and Archery was just another thing to try. She had never actually shot a bow and arrow before. In truth, she had never aimed at anything before. These sort of things were considered a male sport, but it was still fun to try so long as it wasn't in front of her mother!

Needing to find a partner since the rules were changed and they were to play a game, she was about to look for someone when someone found her first. "Hello, Winston Pierce o the New Hampshire Pierces. I'm Kit Reid of the Connecticut Reids," she said with a grin. "Yes, let's play. Do you want to go first?"

  • Shoot and TruthWinston Pierce, Fri Nov 4 19:07
    Having been persuaded to join the archery club by his roommate, Victor, Winston was just getting comfortable with the pull and release of shooting arrows at targets when Aiden decided to mix things... more
    • Mind if I join? — Kit Reid, Fri Nov 4 19:48
      • I certainly don't mind at allWinston, Fri Nov 4 20:19
        Winston smiled in relief when he heard her introduction. A good family, then. This game was already paying off. He'd seen her in his classes but hadn't yet put names to all of the Aladren girls and... more
        • Good to hearKit, Fri Nov 4 20:31
          "Why, thank you," Kit said with a little bow, done for amusement. Standing with feet slightly apart, she pulled back the string as far as she could. She was fairly certain that she had the bullseye... more
          • Glad you think soWinston, Fri Nov 4 20:41
            Winston bowed back, then took a step away to give her room to shoot. She . . . missed. "Thanks," he answered, knocking his arrow and raising it to point toward the target. He aimed (not at the... more
            • One question downKit, Fri Nov 4 21:07
              Kit wasn't completely surprised that he didn't miss, but she was surprised that he wasn't closer to the bullseye. Either way, she had a question to answer, one that she wasn't expecting. Yet, she was ... more
              • Next?Winston, Fri Nov 4 21:21
                He nodded in agreement with her as she answered his question, pleased that she seemed, at least to him, to be answering frankly, honestly, and with greater detail he'd expected. He liked it though,... more
                • Re: Next?Kit, Fri Nov 4 22:50
                  Kit was thrilled that he offered up information on their discussion. She noted that he liked chicken parm and barbecue. Though, she was surprised that his father made anything. She knew how to dine... more
                  • That's a hard oneWinston, Sat Nov 5 14:07
                    Oddly, Kit's dismay at his miss made his own disappointment feel smaller. He still wasn't happy that his arrow had neatly sailed over top of the target entirely, but at least the commiseration eased... more
                    • How's this one?Kit, Sat Nov 5 19:06
                      Kit's favorite color was not blue, but she approved of Winston's choice of sky blue. "Good choice. I like when there are clouds and you see all the shapes they make." She did that sometimes at their... more
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