Lily Spencer
Sat Nov 5, 2016 14:37

Lily could care less about her marks, but she was doing exceptionally well in DADA. The latest exam she knew she'd done remarkably well, surprising even herself by the amount of knowledge she had retained. It was easy studying when she was intrigued by the subject.

As she was walking, thinking about what she was going to eat for dinner and how she'd fit in some time with Jozua, she bumped right into Madeleine Dautin. Though Lily was usually averse to the proper sort of witches who were disgusted by a bit of filth on their clothes or sweat glands, she liked Madeleine. Despite her frills and dresses, Madeleine could play pretend and anyone who could do that was immediately a kindred spirit.

"Did you find any?" asked Lily in response. "What'd you do with them?"

  • Oops... [tag: Lily Spencer]Madeleine Dautin, Sat Nov 5 12:51
    So there had been a test. There had been a test and Madeleine hadn't studied. She knew her father would not be very pleased with her and she was a little ashamed to admit to Bastien what she had... more
    • Oof! — Lily Spencer, Sat Nov 5 14:37
      • Shhh!Madeleine and Flora, Sun Nov 6 11:06
        Madeleine grinned, all her thoughts on the silly Defence test (why did they need to be tested on a subject that was all practical use anyway?) behind her now. She shook her head, a couple strands of... more
        • !!!Lily, Mon Nov 7 12:54
          Lily's brown eyes widened. "Brilliant!" she exclaimed, and then covered her mouth with her hand. Though she had never played detective like this before - she was more of a knights and dragons sort of ... more
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