Farrah Welsh
Accidentally knocking into things
Sat Nov 5, 2016 15:13

Farrah was putting back some of the returned books while she was walking through the Library. She wasnít working that evening, but whenever she saw some start to pile up because the assistants were busy, she felt inclined to help out. She supposed that made her a little more of a Teppenpaw than she might otherwise feel, but she also thought that it was just her love of books that compelled her to put them in their rightful place.

She was walking around one of the tables when she saw Finbar sitting alone at one, closing his book and leaning back. Farrah never really had the chance to really talk to him, but she figured he must be nice since he was a Teppenpaw and all. She accidentally bumped a chair as she walked around and it caught his attention. She smiled sheepishly at him, embarrassed for having caused any sort of stir. ďHi.Ē Farrah returned. ďOh no, sorry. I was just walking around putting the books back since I had the time.Ē Farrah explained. ďI didnít mean to bother you.Ē

  • Taking a break (library)Finbar Scott, Sat Nov 5 07:41
    Finn wasnít stupid, but he wasnít the most academic of students, and this was proved by how much he was struggling with one of his latest assignments. For some reason his research just didnít seem to ... more
    • Accidentally knocking into things — Farrah Welsh, Sat Nov 5 15:13
      • Finn was relieved that he wasnít stopping Farrah doing her work, but also a little unsure of how to proceed now. He knew Farrah, of course, as they were in the same year, but they hadnít really... more
        • Unless you like that sort of thingFarrah, Sat Nov 5 16:14
          She was relieved to hear that she hadnít bothered him, which is something Farrah was always self-conscious about. Being one of those girls who awkwardly stood off to the side wanting to participate... more
          • That would be a strange thing to like!Finn, Sun Nov 6 12:56
            The idea of working in the library when you didnít even have to wasnít something that really appealed to Finn, but then he remembered that Farrah was an Aladren, and therefore more... more
            • People are strange beingsFarrah, Sun Nov 6 13:48
              Farrah was finding it harder to make friends while at Sonora than she had back home. She thought it was because of the separate houses. She didnít live at her old private school, so there wasnít any... more
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