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Unless you like that sort of thing
Sat Nov 5, 2016 16:14

She was relieved to hear that she hadn’t bothered him, which is something Farrah was always self-conscious about. Being one of those girls who awkwardly stood off to the side wanting to participate but afraid to, she was always aware of the fact that her presence might alone cause issues for people. “Oh good.” She replied. “I mean, about not bothering you.” She added, she didn’t know if his work was finished or not for her to comment on that.

Farrah gave a small laugh, mostly out of embarrassment for herself as she admitted this next part to him. “I am but I’m not actually working tonight.” She advised. “I just saw the stack of returns and everyone else was busy, so I thought I’d just help out and put them back.” Saying it out loud made her feel even more pathetic. She should have just lied and said that she was working. “Um, what are you working on?” She asked, changing the subject.

  • Finn was relieved that he wasn’t stopping Farrah doing her work, but also a little unsure of how to proceed now. He knew Farrah, of course, as they were in the same year, but they hadn’t really... more
    • Unless you like that sort of thing — Farrah, Sat Nov 5 16:14
      • That would be a strange thing to like!Finn, Sun Nov 6 12:56
        The idea of working in the library when you didn’t even have to wasn’t something that really appealed to Finn, but then he remembered that Farrah was an Aladren, and therefore more... more
        • People are strange beingsFarrah, Sun Nov 6 13:48
          Farrah was finding it harder to make friends while at Sonora than she had back home. She thought it was because of the separate houses. She didn’t live at her old private school, so there wasn’t any... more
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