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Let's get this party started! [Tag: Ayla]
Sat Nov 5, 2016 16:19 (XFF:,

Normally Halloween wasn’t the most exciting holiday in Victor’s calendar. His parents would either have a dinner party (which was quite fun, provided he got some attention and so long as there were other kids there) or go to an event somewhere else (less fun for Victor, who just got to stay at home and eat themed food with Jehan). His parents didn’t often take him to events yet, thinking he was really a bit too young, but he’d been promised he could start going to more balls soon.

However, now he was at Sonora and there was a real Halloween party to go to! Forget adult balls, this party had cakes and, even better, costumes! Victor was, of course, dressed up as a prince, feeling rather handsome and enjoying the fact that he had a crown and a sword (which, sadly, wasn’t real, but you couldn’t have everything). He’d been tempted to go for something a little bit scarier, but couldn’t resist having a sword. Besides, princes were awesome! They got to have adventures and get in fights and save damsels in distress!

The first stop for Victor was, of course, the cake stall. Dinner seemed like ages ago now! There were lots of tasty looking cakes to choose from, and he was sure he’d have to return later. Cake in hand, he wandered around the room, looking at the decorations and keeping an eye out for someone he knew. Or, he supposed, someone he didn’t know but looked cool. He was happy to talk to almost anyone, really.

However, he soon spotted Ayla, so made his way over to talk to her. He liked Ayla. She was pretty, good fun, from a good family, and did he mention she was pretty?

“Hi Ayla! You look great,” he complimented her, grinning excitedly at her. He really loved parties! “Enjoying the party?”

  • Halloween Party threads! (nm)Laila Kennedy, Sat Nov 5 13:20
    • Guess who I am?Lily Spencer, Sun Nov 6 01:12
      Lily had taken good care to look fantastic for her first Hallowe’en party. She had taken the liberty of chopping her brown hair short, so short it was at the same length as her brother’s. Her mum... more
      • Oh thats a good one!Liac Reinhardt and Shinohara Uzume, Mon Nov 7 08:13
        "I still don't get it," Uzu said moving the hair slightly out of her face to sip at her cup of pumpkin juice. "You don't have to, I do and the evidence shows its a perfect fit," Liac responded as he... more
        • I sincerely disagreeEmerald Brockert, Mon Nov 7 08:51
          Emerald wasn't one for parties and she probably wasn't going to stay here for too long. Still, she knew Kit was in Spirit Club and she decided it would be a nice gesture to support her roommate.... more
          • Can't please them all.Lily, Mon Nov 7 13:03
            Lily was thrilled that someone figured out her costume. The upperclass students seemed friendly and she was happy to chat with people outside of her class. "Yes, that's me!" she exclaimed, breaking... more
            • Are you kidding me?Emerald, Mon Nov 7 13:18
              Emerald was incensed as the Pecari rather cheerfully replied. She didn't even have the decency to look ashamed! If Emerald had been insulting someone and one of their relatives came by and called her ... more
              • Just trying to laugh it offLiac and Uzu, Mon Nov 7 13:37
                Uzu couldn't help but feel annoyed, one because Liac was an idiot that couldn't keep his volume to a minimum, but also because the two of them were now in the middle of something she would rather not ... more
                • Ha. Ha. Lily, Mon Nov 7 14:25
                  Lily hadn't received the ill message before, but she certainly did by the older witch's rude comment. This whole pure-blood circle of snotty witches was contemptible and she just wanted to chat with... more
                  • Ha ha indeedLiac and Uzu, Mon Nov 7 22:00
                    Uzume was impressed by the girl. No doubt being in Pecari suited her she thought to herself as she chuckled a little her younger's remark. Quite the show, but a duel really would have made the party... more
                    • Re: Ha ha indeedLily, Tue Nov 8 15:45
                      "I like the one with 'hound' in the title, I don't remember the full name. But something with a phantom beast. Sherlock Holmes was brilliant." Lily would have liked to see Liac's cousin so she could... more
    • Why did I come???Farrah Welsh, Sat Nov 5 17:09
      Farrah had been to all of two Halloween Parties in her life. One of them did not count since it had been one of her parents’ family friends and she had to sit there and endure her parents talking to... more
      • To have fun and we will!Kit Reid, Sat Nov 5 22:19
        In her head, Kit had put costume and Halloween to equal masquerade. She had read about masquerades in one of her books and had decided that she would be like the girl in the book. She had written... more
        • If you say soFarrah , Sat Nov 5 22:32
          Farrah wanted to run away. The girl whom she had started to talk to had a costume with such an intricate design and looked so well put together that Farrah felt like such a fraud in her costume. What ... more
          • It will be, I promiseKit, Sat Nov 5 22:52
            "Oh," Kit laughed, not realizing that no one could tell who she was. She lowered her mask. "Kit Reid of the Connecticut Reids. We're in Spirit Club together. I'm usually with my best friend, Ayla.... more
            • Alright, I'll hold you to thatFarrah, Sun Nov 6 07:45
              Farrah almost burst out laughing when Kit referenced her as being a 'cool older student'. Did she not know who Farrah was? She was the awkward, shy, alien looking girl who's roommate was actually... more
              • That's all right by me.Kit, Sun Nov 6 09:58
                The name didn’t come with any sort of title, so it was fair to say that Farrah was most likely not among the elite. To say that she wasn’t Pureblood, Kit couldn’t say. Though, there did seem to be... more
                • I'll do my best to try to have funFarrah, Sun Nov 6 12:55
                  Kit was a very enthusiastic person and Farrah found her thinking that if she hadn’t heard her answer questions in class, she might have thought she was a better fit for Teppenpaw or Pecari rather... more
                  • Why try? Just do. :)Kit, Mon Nov 7 13:52
                    "Oh, I think it's in the library," Kit said, referring to the book. Working in the library, she had gotten to know it a little more intimately than if she had just studied there. Of course, most... more
                    • Farrah nodded. The book probably was in the library and she just never noticed it because she was too absorbed in all the magical books that she had yet to read or see before or know of in all the... more
    • Let's get this party started! [Tag: Ayla] — Victor Callahan, Sat Nov 5 16:19
      • Party time! Excellent!Ayla Tremaine, Sat Nov 5 17:19
        The Halloween Party was Ayla’s first big event as a Sonoran. It was also her first baking club event, fundraising committee event, and spirit club soiree. It was a really busy time for the first... more
        • You could even say it's 'cool'!Victor, Sun Nov 6 03:41
          Ayla’s costume really was great, and part of Victor was now wishing that his costume could have included face paint. However, he did have a sword, a fact that didn’t seem likely to lose its charm... more
          • Super coolAyla, Sun Nov 6 04:13
            “I’m glad you think so!” Ayla said cheerfully. Admittedly, she’d only had a hand in a portion of the baking, but she was pretty proud of her achievements, even if her icing piping needed more work.... more
            • Slightly less cool, nowVictor, Sun Nov 6 14:48
              “I haven’t had one of the pumpkin cakes yet, but they’ll be the next thing I eat!” promised Victor. He had no dislikes when it came to food, and the pumpkin cakes really did sound yummy! “I can help... more
              • I still think you're coolAyla, Sun Nov 6 15:19
                Ayla bit her bottom lip, trying to stifle some of her enthusiasm when Victor said he’d try one of her cupcakes next. It was sweet of him to say, though she expected that he wouldn’t necessarily... more
                • I think you're cool too!Victor, Sun Nov 6 15:43
                  “Of course I would,” assured Victor, now very glad that he’d rashly offered to help Ayla. He liked the idea of reaching things for the smaller girl, and just generally being needed. Forget the other... more
                  • *Blushes*Ayla, Mon Nov 7 02:17
                    Was it hot in the MARS room? It certainly felt that way to Ayla. So many things were running through her head, and the feelings...she couldn’t even begin to comprehend the feelings. Her cheeks were... more
    • Here for a good timeGia Donovan, Sat Nov 5 15:51
      The Halloween Party seemed to be the Spirit Club’s kickoff event before the Quidditch teams came together and started the season. Gia helped out Laila as best as she could with regards to getting... more
      • Me too! Or a scary time?Jemima Wolseithcrafte, Sun Nov 6 02:27
        Jemima was excited for the Hallowe’en party. Against her better judgement of not over-subscribing herself, she was really enjoying being part of spirit club. Not one to do craft projects by half, she ... more
        • I'm not sure :(Gia, Sun Nov 6 07:59
          Gia was standing quietly by herself when a person with a unicorn’s head walked up to her. Before she said anything about it, however, the person removed the head and it was revealed to be Jemima, the ... more
          • Well, I am :)Jemima Wolseithcrafte, Sun Nov 6 20:15
            “Thank you,” Jemima smiled as Gia complimented her, relieved she didn’t seem to have made a faux pas in how she evaluated Gia’s outfit. Although it seemed it was a sensitive issue. Or at least,... more
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