Only if you want to.
Sat Nov 5, 2016 20:56

Kellen shrugged. “I can’t really imagine anyone I’d rather had detention with if I did.” Truthfully, he hated the idea of detention. He didn’t like getting in trouble at all, which was part of the reason the past summer had been so traumatic for him. It didn’t appear that skipping was actually on the table though, not that he was surprised. He and Farrah had a lot in common, he wouldn’t be surprised if she felt the same way.

“Well, since we’re going to class after all, I’m ready when you are.” He said with a smile, offering her his arm like an old timey gentleman. “Do you want to partner up with me? Assuming we don’t have to work with first years today?”

  • Are we leaving the halls?Farrah , Sat Nov 5 20:41
    She nodded, although Kellen had obviously seen her upset and even though they were basically best friends, she didn't really want him to have seen her in this state. She would have felt the same if... more
    • Only if you want to. — Kellen, Sat Nov 5 20:56
      • Does anyone ever want to?Farrah , Sat Nov 5 21:29
        Farrah gave him a skeptical look. She knew as well as anyone else that no Aladren would ever be okay with having detention, even if it were for a good reason like helping a friend. Besides, Farrah... more
        • I suspect AladrensKellen, Sun Nov 6 01:36
          Kellen was glad that he could at least make Farrah laugh a little. He thought she had a pretty smile, and it was definitely preferable to tears. "I know what you mean. It's always awkward when you... more
          • You're probably rightFarrah, Sun Nov 6 07:34
            Farrah nodded along to what Kellen was saying. She didn't specifically have that fear or pressure when working with someone. Her pressure was more along the lines of 'don't make a fool of yourself'... more
            • Aladrens usually are. Kellen, Sun Nov 6 13:33
              Kellen was shocked. Farrah had been picked on at her last school? That didn’t make any sense to him. He’d been teased because of his generally gaunt appearance. His ears were too big, his eyes were... more
              • That's very trueFarrah, Sun Nov 6 14:32
                Farrah had a pleasant bubble in the pit of her stomach when Kellen verbalized his sincerity regarding her past issues with bullying. She didn’t really know why she had such a pleasant feeling from... more
                • Here are more truths for you...Kellen, Sun Nov 6 16:24
                  Farrah’s comment made Kellen’s ears redden almost instantly. He’d always tried to keep his hair a little on the longer side in order to hide them, so it was weird to have them complimented. “Thanks?” ... more
                  • Oh my, we're feeling things here!Farrah, Sun Nov 6 16:56
                    “Yeah, she can be really scary sometimes.” Farrah agreed. “Imagine having to share a room with her!” Farrah added, showing comradery with him. “If you ever go missing suddenly, I’ll know to check all ... more
                    • I feel you. Kellen, Mon Nov 7 02:50
                      “I don’t think I could sleep.” Kellen said, seriousness in his voice. “Then again, you didn’t tell her she was a horrible person with a huge ego, so I think you’re pretty safe.” A smile crossed his... more
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