Kit Reid
To have fun and we will!
Sat Nov 5, 2016 22:19

In her head, Kit had put costume and Halloween to equal masquerade. She had read about masquerades in one of her books and had decided that she would be like the girl in the book. She had written home to her mother and had been excited when the package arrived with her outfit for the party in it. Inside had been a rose dress that was fitted at the bodice with a full length skirt. Underneath was cream colored lace that peaked out in an hour glass shape. The sleeves were puffed at the shoulders and tapered down to her hands. Gold trim lay in an intricate pattern all around the pink including where it cinched slightly above her waist. With it, there was a matching mask with jewels and feathers that would cover the upper half of her face. Since it was attached to a stick, she could remove it easily if she wanted or needed to.

The day of the party she had hurried to get ready after helping out with Spirit Club. Her dress was on and looked perfect. She had pulled most of her hair up onto her head, loosely, allowing some of the curls to cascade around her face freely. She normally wore her long hair straight, but had opted for a different style for this particular occasion. She wore little jewelry as not to distract from the mask, but had put some jeweled pins in her hair so that they sparkled when she moved. All in all, she was very satisfied with her appearance. She just hoped that she looked right for a party. If nothing else, she, at least, felt elegant and grownup.

Once at the party, she knew she had made the right decision in her outfit. She felt like a mysterious princess, which was her intention. Deciding to step back for a moment and check out everyone’s costumes, not to mention try to figure out the ones that had masks, she stepped near the desserts when she heard a voice. Recognizing the other girl, she gave a grin, “Hi, Farrah. I haven’t really had a chance to scope everything, but I think it looks great and everyone seems to be having fun. What about you? Having a good time?” Kit hoped so. She didn’t know the other girl too well, but maybe they would get a chance to talk now. Continuing, she complimented, “You’re costume looks awesome.”

  • Why did I come???Farrah Welsh, Sat Nov 5 17:09
    Farrah had been to all of two Halloween Parties in her life. One of them did not count since it had been one of her parents’ family friends and she had to sit there and endure her parents talking to... more
    • To have fun and we will! — Kit Reid, Sat Nov 5 22:19
      • If you say soFarrah , Sat Nov 5 22:32
        Farrah wanted to run away. The girl whom she had started to talk to had a costume with such an intricate design and looked so well put together that Farrah felt like such a fraud in her costume. What ... more
        • It will be, I promiseKit, Sat Nov 5 22:52
          "Oh," Kit laughed, not realizing that no one could tell who she was. She lowered her mask. "Kit Reid of the Connecticut Reids. We're in Spirit Club together. I'm usually with my best friend, Ayla.... more
          • Alright, I'll hold you to thatFarrah, Sun Nov 6 07:45
            Farrah almost burst out laughing when Kit referenced her as being a 'cool older student'. Did she not know who Farrah was? She was the awkward, shy, alien looking girl who's roommate was actually... more
            • That's all right by me.Kit, Sun Nov 6 09:58
              The name didn’t come with any sort of title, so it was fair to say that Farrah was most likely not among the elite. To say that she wasn’t Pureblood, Kit couldn’t say. Though, there did seem to be... more
              • I'll do my best to try to have funFarrah, Sun Nov 6 12:55
                Kit was a very enthusiastic person and Farrah found her thinking that if she hadn’t heard her answer questions in class, she might have thought she was a better fit for Teppenpaw or Pecari rather... more
                • Why try? Just do. :)Kit, Mon Nov 7 13:52
                  "Oh, I think it's in the library," Kit said, referring to the book. Working in the library, she had gotten to know it a little more intimately than if she had just studied there. Of course, most... more
                  • Farrah nodded. The book probably was in the library and she just never noticed it because she was too absorbed in all the magical books that she had yet to read or see before or know of in all the... more
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