If you say so
Sat Nov 5, 2016 22:32

Farrah wanted to run away. The girl whom she had started to talk to had a costume with such an intricate design and looked so well put together that Farrah felt like such a fraud in her costume. What had she been thinking? Or rather, what had her mother been thinking? She was going to school with a bunch of Pureblood rich kids, they wouldn't know Wizard of Oz. Of course they would buy elegant dresses with beautiful face masks. Ugh.

The girl said her name and Farrah felt surprised that she knew the girl underneath it. Who did she know that would wear this? Her voice was vaguely familiar but she didn't place it. She realized now how much she depended on visuals. "I haven't really scoped it out either, honestly." Farrah admitted. "I'm hoping my friends come though. I'm sorry, but your mask is throwing me off. I have no idea who I'm talking to." Farrah commented wit a slight laugh at how silly that was.

  • To have fun and we will!Kit Reid, Sat Nov 5 22:19
    In her head, Kit had put costume and Halloween to equal masquerade. She had read about masquerades in one of her books and had decided that she would be like the girl in the book. She had written... more
    • If you say so — Farrah , Sat Nov 5 22:32
      • It will be, I promiseKit, Sat Nov 5 22:52
        "Oh," Kit laughed, not realizing that no one could tell who she was. She lowered her mask. "Kit Reid of the Connecticut Reids. We're in Spirit Club together. I'm usually with my best friend, Ayla.... more
        • Alright, I'll hold you to thatFarrah, Sun Nov 6 07:45
          Farrah almost burst out laughing when Kit referenced her as being a 'cool older student'. Did she not know who Farrah was? She was the awkward, shy, alien looking girl who's roommate was actually... more
          • That's all right by me.Kit, Sun Nov 6 09:58
            The name didnít come with any sort of title, so it was fair to say that Farrah was most likely not among the elite. To say that she wasnít Pureblood, Kit couldnít say. Though, there did seem to be... more
            • I'll do my best to try to have funFarrah, Sun Nov 6 12:55
              Kit was a very enthusiastic person and Farrah found her thinking that if she hadnít heard her answer questions in class, she might have thought she was a better fit for Teppenpaw or Pecari rather... more
              • Why try? Just do. :)Kit, Mon Nov 7 13:52
                "Oh, I think it's in the library," Kit said, referring to the book. Working in the library, she had gotten to know it a little more intimately than if she had just studied there. Of course, most... more
                • Farrah nodded. The book probably was in the library and she just never noticed it because she was too absorbed in all the magical books that she had yet to read or see before or know of in all the... more
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