Salali Bly
And I'm glad to be involved!
Sun Nov 6, 2016 01:27

Salali had been super excited to receive invitation from Ayla Tremaine to have a girls’ lunch. She was very much looking to make new friends at their new school, where everyone, even those who had gotten to grow up with magic around, arrived out of their element and generally alone. Some people maybe knew other students if they had siblings around--a thought that made Salali miss her own sibling, whom she doubted she would ever see again--but for the most part, there was unbearable solitude.

She found two girls sitting together where she thought she was meant to go, and, assuming one was Ayla, scurried over to them. “Hello!” she beamed happily, sitting down next to the one she thought was Ayla. (Fortunately for her, it was a 50-50 bet, and her educated guess was correct) “Thank you for inviting me today!”

  • I'm so glad you did!Ayla, Sun Nov 6 01:10
    Ayla should have known that Kit would be one of the first to arrive, it just seemed very much like the Aladren to her, and she was happy for it. She was already proving to be an invaluable friend.... more
    • And I'm glad to be involved! — Salali Bly, Sun Nov 6 01:27
      • Lots of happy girls around here.Florence Newell, Sun Nov 6 01:32
        “Yes, thank you very much.” Florence had moved in behind Kit just as she heard this girl, Salali Bly, she thought, thank Ayla for the invitation. She sat beside her roommate and smiled at the three... more
        • Yay! More people!Ayla, Sun Nov 6 02:06
          Ayla was so excited when two more girls showed up. Maybe she was going to pull this off after all! Now they were just waiting for the other half of their classmates. Still, this wasn't a terrible... more
          • I hope I'm not late!Gwen Fintoc, Sun Nov 6 08:04
            Gwen sped along the corridors to Cascade Hall, walking as fast as she possibly could without making a poor presentation of herself as a well mannered young lady. She couldn't be late! Ayla had... more
            • Me, too!Amelia Layne, Sun Nov 6 08:47
              At the last moment, right outside the Cascade Hall, Amelia gave in to temptation and went to check her hair in a bathroom mirror. She had pulled it up into a high ponytail in the hopes this would... more
              • Let's get this startedKit, Sun Nov 6 10:19
                Kit was pleased when several other girls showed up. By her calculations, only three other girls were missing. She hadn't really seen Lina since school started, so she didn't think that she would be... more
                • Gatecrashing brieflyLouis Valois, Sun Nov 6 12:46
                  Louis was humming one of the orchestra’s latest pieces as he walked into the hall for lunch, dressed as carefully as ever in skinny jeans and a casual yet expensive shirt, his hair artfully messy. He ... more
                  • A little distractedGwen, Sun Nov 6 13:48
                    "I think it's nice here," Gwen smiled in response to Kit's question. "The professors seem nice so far, and I guess my roommate is okay," she said, shoot a grin at Ayla to show that she was just... more
                    • Distracted is a mild term...Ayla, Sun Nov 6 14:08
                      “Not late at all, Gwen, I’m happy you’re here!” Ayla said with a smile upon the arrival of a roommate. She was relieved that the other Teppenpaw girl had finally arrived. Ayla imagined it might look... more
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