That depends
Sun Nov 6, 2016 02:12

Ingrid loved the outdoors. She loved to walk in it, to climb trees, to splash around in lakes… Any kind of outdoors was good by her. And subsequently, when she didn’t have homework or Quidditch practice, it was usually where she was to be found. Sonora’s lack of decent trees meant she was sometimes tackling climbing walls in the sports rooms instead, but today had been crisp and pleasant and she’d decided to take a walk.

So, however, had a certain someone else. Her mother’s advice had been not to shut Louis out totally, in case it was just all talk and bravado, but not to cultivate too close a link with him. As such, she had been friendly and civil when she’d had to be but hadn’t actively sought his company.

“Sure,” she nodded, when he asked for a word. She really wasn’t sure she wanted to get into a hold big thing with him, as she couldn’t really see a good way for this to go, but she didn’t really have a choice.

OOC - sure. As noted, she's not going out of her way or obviously "not speaking to him," she's just not seeking him out.

  • It's been too long [tag: Ingrid]Louis Valois, Sat Nov 5 07:25
    It was a nice autumn day a few weeks into the start of term, and Louis could be found wandering the Labyrinth Gardens. Not wanting to be cooped up on such a day as this, he’d decided to go for a... more
    • That depends — Ingrid, Sun Nov 6 02:12
      • I guess we'll find outLouis, Sun Nov 6 03:11
        So. He had her attention, and what was he going to say now? He’d spent so long thinking this over, but what came out of his mouth was completely spontaneous. “I know it was a while ago, but I’m sorry ... more
        • There's a lot of ifs and butsIngrid, Sun Nov 6 20:10
          So he wanted to say he was sorry. And then repeated exactly what it was that had caused them to fall out in the first place. And then to know where that left them. “Look… you can pretty much get away ... more
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