Jemima Wolseithcrafte
Me too! Or a scary time?
Sun Nov 6, 2016 02:27

Jemima was excited for the Hallowe’en party. Against her better judgement of not over-subscribing herself, she was really enjoying being part of spirit club. Not one to do craft projects by half, she had spent longer than she probably should have on her costume. She’d sought advice, and gathered the impression that the idea was sort of to dress as something scary, but really most people just went with whatever. The second one had given her more scope for things she would enjoy dressing as. All in white, and with little cardboard cuffs around her feet and ankles, and a carefully constructed three dimensional paper head, she was doing a pretty good job of looking like a unicorn - albeit a strangely upright one.

On joining the party, she saw Gia standing over at the edge. Gia was one of those girls who she didn’t really know super well - they just seemed to move in different crowds - although there had been times where they’d be involved in the same things, like when they’d done the fashion show, or now the spirit club.

“Hi Gia,” she smiled, tilting up the mask so Gia could see who she was talking to. “I like your outfit. Or, um, am I meant to tell you look scary?” Gia definitely seemed to be going more for the creep factor than she was but it wasn’t usually a complement to tell people that.

  • Here for a good timeGia Donovan, Sat Nov 5 15:51
    The Halloween Party seemed to be the Spirit Club’s kickoff event before the Quidditch teams came together and started the season. Gia helped out Laila as best as she could with regards to getting... more
    • Me too! Or a scary time? — Jemima Wolseithcrafte, Sun Nov 6 02:27
      • I'm not sure :(Gia, Sun Nov 6 07:59
        Gia was standing quietly by herself when a person with a unicorn’s head walked up to her. Before she said anything about it, however, the person removed the head and it was revealed to be Jemima, the ... more
        • Well, I am :)Jemima Wolseithcrafte, Sun Nov 6 20:15
          “Thank you,” Jemima smiled as Gia complimented her, relieved she didn’t seem to have made a faux pas in how she evaluated Gia’s outfit. Although it seemed it was a sensitive issue. Or at least,... more
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