Sammy Meeks
Making bacon
Sun Nov 6, 2016 02:45

She sensed it from across the room, her eyes narrowing in on the Pecari breakfast table. More specfically, on Jamie Park. Even more specifically, on Jamie Park’s breakfast: a stack of bacon.

Sammy made her way across the Hall, her eyes on the prize. Of course, she scooped up her own plate of similarly bacon-dominated breakfast on the way over, but if she could just find a way to mooch his too, that was juuuust fine with her. She was hoping for a nice tease along the way, but to her surprise, as she sat down, he addressed her relative seriousness in an inquiry.

“Not a clue,” she answered solemnly, knowing when to switch off the jokes. “Sorry. That’s a huge decision.” Sammy was instantly grateful that she wasn’t yet a seventh year like Jamie, with much more leeway than he had. “You do still have some time, though,” she added. “You could just pick a school you like and decide on a major later.”

  • Making plansJamie Park, Sun Nov 6 02:38
    How was he a seventh year? And why, so very early in the year, was everyone telling him he had to decide what he wanted to do after school? His mom kept sending college prospectuses and information... more
    • Making bacon — Sammy Meeks, Sun Nov 6 02:45
      • BaconJamie Park, Sun Nov 6 20:01
        “Well, if I can’t choose, my mom has plenty of ideas for me,” he sighed, pulling a face. Lack of ideas wasn’t really the problem. It was more the lack of interest in doing any of them. “Who wants to... more
        • Same. Sammy, Sun Nov 6 20:52
          “I feel it,” Sammy laughed. “I’ve got two moms. Twice the ideas. But personally,” she added, “even when I’m forced to be an adult, I have no intention of growing up. And I will certainly never be... more
          • You get meJamie, Mon Nov 7 07:47
            "Good philosophy - you're only young once but you can be immature forever," he grinned. He was pretty sure he'd seen that on a fridge magnet somewhere. It seemed pretty apt now. They could force him... more
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