I guess we'll find out
Sun Nov 6, 2016 03:11 (XFF:,

So. He had her attention, and what was he going to say now? He’d spent so long thinking this over, but what came out of his mouth was completely spontaneous.

“I know it was a while ago, but I’m sorry we had that...disagreement at the ball,” he said. The statement was perfectly true, even if not quite in the way Ingrid might assume. However, his next sentence was sure to dispel any ambiguity.

“I still stand to what I said, though,” he continued. “I think our parents have got it wrong. It doesn’t make sense for blood status to be something that matters.”

And there, he’d said it, he’d laid out his position in a way he’d been to cowardly to do at the ball. But how would Ingrid react? Louis wanted to know exactly how things stood between them. Since the end of last term he’d been thinking over their relationship, and he knew that, so long as Ingrid didn’t have a problem with his viewpoint, he wanted to at least be friends. However, he wasn’t so confident that she did.

“So, where does that leave us?”

  • That dependsIngrid, Sun Nov 6 02:12
    Ingrid loved the outdoors. She loved to walk in it, to climb trees, to splash around in lakes… Any kind of outdoors was good by her. And subsequently, when she didn’t have homework or Quidditch... more
    • I guess we'll find out — Louis, Sun Nov 6 03:11
      • There's a lot of ifs and butsIngrid, Sun Nov 6 20:10
        So he wanted to say he was sorry. And then repeated exactly what it was that had caused them to fall out in the first place. And then to know where that left them. “Look… you can pretty much get away ... more
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