I'm not sure :(
Sun Nov 6, 2016 07:59

Gia was standing quietly by herself when a person with a unicorn’s head walked up to her. Before she said anything about it, however, the person removed the head and it was revealed to be Jemima, the Teppenpaw Prefect. She thought that Jemima would be a nice person to have a conversation with over some of the other Prefect options, like Kelsey Atwater. Gia didn’t know the Crotalus very well, but she didn’t think she was someone who would tolerate Gia or her friends very well, so she pointedly kept her distance from her. At least she shared common interests with Jemima even if they never really overlapped before now.

Gia smiled, with only made the paint on her face make her look even creepier due to the stitch work and big eyes. “I suppose either would work.” She answered, truthfully not sure herself what someone was supposed to say in terms of costumes. “I like your unicorn outfit. It’s very well done.” Gia complimented, meaning it as well. If she had the time, she might have attempted a more put together look, but with all the cheerleader outfits she had to make, Prefect duties, Library Monitor duties, Spirit Club duties, and the other clubs she was in along with homework and studying, she just did what she could in the extra time.

Looking around now though, she sort of wish she had the time. She felt sort of like the odd ball out having gone for scarier than for cute. “I have never been to a Halloween party, have I chosen incorrectly?” Gia asked, concern wrinkling her forehead.

  • Me too! Or a scary time?Jemima Wolseithcrafte, Sun Nov 6 02:27
    Jemima was excited for the Hallowe’en party. Against her better judgement of not over-subscribing herself, she was really enjoying being part of spirit club. Not one to do craft projects by half, she ... more
    • I'm not sure :( — Gia, Sun Nov 6 07:59
      • Well, I am :)Jemima Wolseithcrafte, Sun Nov 6 20:15
        “Thank you,” Jemima smiled as Gia complimented her, relieved she didn’t seem to have made a faux pas in how she evaluated Gia’s outfit. Although it seemed it was a sensitive issue. Or at least,... more
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