Gwen Fintoc
I hope I'm not late!
Sun Nov 6, 2016 08:04

Gwen sped along the corridors to Cascade Hall, walking as fast as she possibly could without making a poor presentation of herself as a well mannered young lady. She couldn't be late! Ayla had arranged a gathering of the girls in their year for lunch, which was such a good idea and sounded so fun, and Gwen couldn't bear to consider what her roommate would think if she didn't arrive on time.

The redhead wasn't usually a tardy person but she had got caught up in a piece of music in MARS. She had always been very dedicated to her music but now she was in the orchestra (and had Louis to impress), Gwen felt more determined than ever to improve.

"Hi girls," she smiled as she found the group. "Ayla! I'm not too, am I? I'm terribly sorry, I got a little caught up practising our orchestra piece. I didn't want you to think I wouldn't turn up!"

Gwen took a seat at the table, holding the skirt of her floral dress down as she did so just in case. She suddenly realised that there were only five of them, including herself, so she probably wasn't the last to arrive.

"Who else are we waiting for?" she inquired, although perhaps Ayla didn't actually know if all the first year girls would be joining them or not.

  • Yay! More people!Ayla, Sun Nov 6 02:06
    Ayla was so excited when two more girls showed up. Maybe she was going to pull this off after all! Now they were just waiting for the other half of their classmates. Still, this wasn't a terrible... more
    • I hope I'm not late! — Gwen Fintoc, Sun Nov 6 08:04
      • Me, too!Amelia Layne, Sun Nov 6 08:47
        At the last moment, right outside the Cascade Hall, Amelia gave in to temptation and went to check her hair in a bathroom mirror. She had pulled it up into a high ponytail in the hopes this would... more
        • Let's get this startedKit, Sun Nov 6 10:19
          Kit was pleased when several other girls showed up. By her calculations, only three other girls were missing. She hadn't really seen Lina since school started, so she didn't think that she would be... more
          • Gatecrashing brieflyLouis Valois, Sun Nov 6 12:46
            Louis was humming one of the orchestra’s latest pieces as he walked into the hall for lunch, dressed as carefully as ever in skinny jeans and a casual yet expensive shirt, his hair artfully messy. He ... more
            • A little distractedGwen, Sun Nov 6 13:48
              "I think it's nice here," Gwen smiled in response to Kit's question. "The professors seem nice so far, and I guess my roommate is okay," she said, shoot a grin at Ayla to show that she was just... more
              • Distracted is a mild term...Ayla, Sun Nov 6 14:08
                “Not late at all, Gwen, I’m happy you’re here!” Ayla said with a smile upon the arrival of a roommate. She was relieved that the other Teppenpaw girl had finally arrived. Ayla imagined it might look... more
                • Indeed.Amelia, Sun Nov 6 15:31
                  Amelia was surprised to see her teammate Louis stop by the party, and even more surprised that he seemed to know one of the other girls, Gwen. Then, though, she remembered that Louis was trying to... more
                  • Focused.Kit, Mon Nov 7 00:36
                    Kit raised an eyebrow when Louis made quite a scene with some of the girls at their table, interrupting current conversation. He was certainly attractive, but it was more in an observable way than... more
                    • ArrivingEmerald Brockert, Mon Nov 7 10:30
                      Emerald had rather not quite been sure about the first year girls' luncheon but Angelique had rather pushed her into going. Angelique was in a year group where most of the girls had all bonded... more
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