That's all right by me.
Sun Nov 6, 2016 09:58

The name didnít come with any sort of title, so it was fair to say that Farrah was most likely not among the elite. To say that she wasnít Pureblood, Kit couldnít say. Though, there did seem to be some that were societal that didnít go by proper etiquette of introductions. Either way, it wasnít a worry for the moment.

ďOh, thatís wonderful!Ē Kit exclaimed in regards to Farrahís friends. She had been hoping that there would be something more of a romance going on and that they could bond over talking about it, but that was all right. If she were meeting a boy, she would have been ecstatic just merely for the fact that one was interested in her. ďOh, no. I didnít make any formal plans with anyone so Iím all on my lonesome. Anyhow, who is your costume based on?"

  • Alright, I'll hold you to thatFarrah, Sun Nov 6 07:45
    Farrah almost burst out laughing when Kit referenced her as being a 'cool older student'. Did she not know who Farrah was? She was the awkward, shy, alien looking girl who's roommate was actually... more
    • That's all right by me. — Kit, Sun Nov 6 09:58
      • I'll do my best to try to have funFarrah, Sun Nov 6 12:55
        Kit was a very enthusiastic person and Farrah found her thinking that if she hadnít heard her answer questions in class, she might have thought she was a better fit for Teppenpaw or Pecari rather... more
        • Why try? Just do. :)Kit, Mon Nov 7 13:52
          "Oh, I think it's in the library," Kit said, referring to the book. Working in the library, she had gotten to know it a little more intimately than if she had just studied there. Of course, most... more
          • Farrah nodded. The book probably was in the library and she just never noticed it because she was too absorbed in all the magical books that she had yet to read or see before or know of in all the... more
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