Madeleine and Flora
Sun Nov 6, 2016 11:06

Madeleine grinned, all her thoughts on the silly Defence test (why did they need to be tested on a subject that was all practical use anyway?) behind her now. She shook her head, a couple strands of hair falling out of the ribbon that had tied it half back for the test. “I almost caught one but he disappeared behind a stack of books in the library before I could catch up to him!”

She looked behind her as though there were spies from the enemy on their trail. “I think I uncovered a plot against the Japanese Minister of Magic though!” Although Madeleine had yet to allow anyone else other than Léo get to know Flora Deschamps, she was starting to think that Lily was one witch who would be able to understand. “But I can’t stop it alone!”

Out of the corner of her eye she saw a wizard walking by and she lowered her voice even further. “It is time that the great Flora Deschamps take on a partner!” She switched out of her play-pretend voice and took on her regular, slightly less-accented one. “That’s my spy name,” she explained before reverting to Flora’s thicker dialect. “Will you help me?”

  • Oof!Lily Spencer, Sat Nov 5 14:37
    Lily could care less about her marks, but she was doing exceptionally well in DADA. The latest exam she knew she'd done remarkably well, surprising even herself by the amount of knowledge she had... more
    • Shhh! — Madeleine and Flora, Sun Nov 6 11:06
      • !!!Lily, Mon Nov 7 12:54
        Lily's brown eyes widened. "Brilliant!" she exclaimed, and then covered her mouth with her hand. Though she had never played detective like this before - she was more of a knights and dragons sort of ... more
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