That would be a strange thing to like!
Sun Nov 6, 2016 12:56 (XFF:,

The idea of working in the library when you didnít even have to wasnít something that really appealed to Finn, but then he remembered that Farrah was an Aladren, and therefore more academically-minded than he was. In that context, her sentence made more sense.

ďI was working on the charms assignment,Ē he said, referring to the short essay that Professor Perrault had set them that week. ďBut I wasnít getting anywhere, so thatís my excuse to take a break.Ē He started gathering up his various books and pieces of parchment, which had become rather spread out across the table.

  • Unless you like that sort of thingFarrah, Sat Nov 5 16:14
    She was relieved to hear that she hadnít bothered him, which is something Farrah was always self-conscious about. Being one of those girls who awkwardly stood off to the side wanting to participate... more
    • That would be a strange thing to like! — Finn, Sun Nov 6 12:56
      • People are strange beingsFarrah, Sun Nov 6 13:48
        Farrah was finding it harder to make friends while at Sonora than she had back home. She thought it was because of the separate houses. She didnít live at her old private school, so there wasnít any... more
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