Kellen Mormont
Kellen Mormont, nerd extraordinaire
Sun Nov 6, 2016 14:16

Kellen jumped at the sound of his name. He’d been lost in thought and a bowl of oatmeal when Madeleine approached him, and he wasn’t used to people actually choosing to talk to him outside of class. Farrah not included, of course.

“Oh, um, yeah...sure.” He said, trying to understand her reasoning. Farrah had said that the two of them had exchanged letters over the summer, and were becoming more friendly, so maybe the idea was for the three of them to become friends? There was Georgia to take into consideration too, he imagined, since Farrah and Georgia seemed to be close. Either way, Kellen wasn’t going to blindly turn down Madeleine’s offer.

“Nice to officially meet you.” He said with a half smile. “So, what’s up?”

  • Flora Deschamps, lady detective.Madeleine Dautin, Sun Nov 6 12:17
    Ever since Arianna Valenti had brought up her concerns regarding Kellen Mormont and his involvement with their roommate, Farrah Welsh, Madeleine Dautin had been keeping an eye on the wizard in... more
    • Kellen Mormont, nerd extraordinaire — Kellen Mormont, Sun Nov 6 14:16
      • Hmm, we'll see about that...Madeleine, Sun Nov 6 15:27
        So far, conversing with Kellen just confirmed Madeleine's suspicions that Arianna was trying to manipulate Madeleine for some unknown reason presumably to some unknown and possibly nefarious end.... more
        • I think it's pretty obviousKellen, Sun Nov 6 16:41
          Kellen wasn’t quite sure what to make of this entire exchange. Madeleine was definitely an interesting one, but that might just have been due to the fact that she was French. He wasn’t super familiar ... more
          • Not everything is as it seems, my lad.Madeleine, Sun Nov 6 17:54
            Madeleine felt duped. Kellen was either a a really good actor and part of the Irish mob or else he was as boring as all get out and she was wasting her time. Seriously, who knew that much about a... more
            • That's fairKellen, Sun Nov 6 20:40
              Kellen’s brow furrowed slightly when Madeleine declared his oatmeal tangent as being interesting. What? Was he being punked or something? He looked around the room momentarily before turning his... more
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