Caelia Lucan
Oh, more than you know!
Sun Nov 6, 2016 15:39

There was no way to explain how Caelia felt other than completely torn. Matt didn't want her talking to Alistair or Jack, she didn't want her grandmother to find out about Matt just yet, and moreover she wanted to talk to Alistair and Jack. Alistair had always acted as though he appreciate Caelia's input in a way that Matt never had, and Jack treated Caelia as though the things she had to say weren't completely idiotic. But Matthew was Matthew and she felt loyal to her oldest friend in ways she didn't think she could feel towards anyone else.

However ever since going to the ball with Jack and then seeing Emrys go after what he really wanted that summer, Caelia was starting to reconsider her academic future. She had long ago given up on herself, her brain was too clouded, her mind too simple to ever be able to understand anything. Matt had accepted that and told her it was fine, but lately she'd been feeling kind of...different. It was like there was something inside her, some small part of her that was actually curious about things, and that small part of her was trying to push through the years of being told she wasn't smart.

So that year, she had started by going to the library more frequently. Usually she wandered the stacks alone, taking down the sorts of books she thought that Emrys would be interested in and forcing herself to read them even when she didn't understand most of what was going on. She even kept a tiny notebook hidden on her person to write down some of the more difficult words so that she could look them up later. It was on one of these visits that she stumbled over Jack Spencer.

Red-faced at having been caught trying to read books that were 'out of her league' so to speak, Caelia stammered out a quick "No, I'm fine, how are you?" with a completely deer-in-the-headlights sort of look on her face.

  • Need assistance? (in the library)Jack Spencer, Sun Nov 6 01:13
    The library was pleasant on days like these: there weren’t rambunctious classmates attempting to distract every diligent student in their vicinity, books were in order and all the chairs were pushed... more
    • Oh, more than you know! — Caelia Lucan, Sun Nov 6 15:39
      • Caught in the act.Jack, Mon Nov 7 12:42
        Caelia looked flushed as well and Jack fleetingly wondered if she fancied him. Though it was an impractical, fanciful notion, Jack thought it would make a brilliant story. He wasn't about to ask her... more
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