I think you're cool too!
Sun Nov 6, 2016 15:43 (XFF:,

“Of course I would,” assured Victor, now very glad that he’d rashly offered to help Ayla. He liked the idea of reaching things for the smaller girl, and just generally being needed. Forget the other spirit squad people, Ayla wanted him to help. “I’m always up for doing things if I can spend more time with you.” He smiled at her, this time with just a hint of something other than confidence - not quite shyness, but in that direction. For once, Victor was in a situation where his natural self confidence wasn't entirely reliable. As much as he liked them, and as much as he liked to seem confident, he hadn’t spent lots of time around girls, and Ayla just seemed so poised.

“Well, that’s what happens in the stories!” Ayla was right, rescuing the grateful damsel in distress was another way in which being a prince was pretty much the ideal costume choice. “And spiders don’t stand a chance against me.” Maybe he couldn’t slay a dragon with his sword, but he seemed to fit the criteria for being Ayla’s hero, and that definitely cheered him up.

  • I still think you're coolAyla, Sun Nov 6 15:19
    Ayla bit her bottom lip, trying to stifle some of her enthusiasm when Victor said he’d try one of her cupcakes next. It was sweet of him to say, though she expected that he wouldn’t necessarily... more
    • I think you're cool too! — Victor, Sun Nov 6 15:43
      • *Blushes*Ayla, Mon Nov 7 02:17
        Was it hot in the MARS room? It certainly felt that way to Ayla. So many things were running through her head, and the feelings...she couldn’t even begin to comprehend the feelings. Her cheeks were... more
        • Would my lady care to join me for cake?Victor, Mon Nov 7 11:15
          Normally, Victor would hate to be called sweet. It was the obnoxious sort of term used by elderly aunts who pinched your cheeks, and the very thought of it made him shudder. However, when Ayla used... more
          • That's a no brainer!Ayla, Mon Nov 7 15:05
            Ayla happily took Victor’s arm, her heart so full she thought it might actually burst out of her chest. She liked the way he’d said ‘my lady’ too, even though she knew he was likely just playing... more
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