I think that's just what the Doc would prescribe
Sun Nov 6, 2016 16:35

Laila nodded. That sounded really nice--she didn't want to go back to Cascade Hall just yet and she didn't really know where else to go, but walking around with Dustin sounded like a welcome distraction.

"Sure thing," she replied. She really liked Dustin's smile. She thought it was kind of cute how uneven it was. "That's a very gentlemanly offer, and I accept."

As restrictive as pureblood society was, Laila did have to give it props. Aside from Oliver Ferguson, all the pureblood wizards she'd met so far had all displayed perfectly lovely manners. "How have you been, by the way? I don't think we've really talked since the challenges."

They were a time that Laila didn't really like to remember because of how Oliver had picked on her--probably for being the only Muggleborn, but possibly also for being the only girl, too. But it was also a period of time which she and Dustin shared.

  • Why don't we try happy?Dustin, Sun Nov 6 16:23
    Dustin was pretty sure Laila was giggling somewhat at his expense, but for right now, he didnít really mind. It was just nice that she was laughing, however slight, and hopefully starting to feel... more
    • I think that's just what the Doc would prescribe — Laila, Sun Nov 6 16:35
      • I think we've run out of dwarves.Dustin, Sun Nov 6 16:45
        Hs smile multiplied. Dustin prided himself on his etiquette and upbringing, and the quickest way to his heart good side was to compliment him in that regard. But the smile faltered slightly when she... more
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