Gia and Jax Donovan
I'm sorry, my title will not be as witty.
Sun Nov 6, 2016 17:04

Jax was sitting opposite his sister at their usual table for dinner. He had been busy putting food on his plate when he felt arms go around him and heard Joella’s familiar voice near his ear as she greeted everyone. He felt a smirk form on his lips as he felt her warmth, but as quick as it came, it was gone again as she took a seat at the table. He looked up to see his sister staring hard at him. He couldn’t take her stare so he quickly returned his gaze to the food on his plate.

Gia couldn’t believe what she had just seen. The only people who she had ever seen hug her brother had been her mother and her. And, of course, Shelly. But their relationship had gone to a place that Gia didn’t like to think about because it was her brother and Shelly was still someone she didn’t fully trust. Gia’s blue eyes turned to Joella because Jax couldn’t bother to say anything. She was acting casually, like herself, but not. Gia stared between them. Last year had been a weird year because Joella had outed her feelings to Jax and Jax had said no but now they were acting like…

“Hey!” Gia suddenly said. “Are you two…” She pointed her finger between the two of them? She looked to her brother and immediately started asking him questions in Greek so that the others couldn’t understand what they were saying. Jax sighed and leaned back in his seat. He knew his sister would freak out.

  • ..Devastation Of Many Involved Joella couldn't help feeling even happier than usual after her recent tryst with Jax. She wasn't sure who would have noticed her heightened mood more - possibly her... more
    • This just all went down a black hole.Jax and Gia, Sun Nov 6 19:30
      Their reactions were the exact thing that he did not want with all of this. He just wanted fun and carefree. He just wanted to spend time with Joella and not think about anything else. He didn’t want ... more
      • It took all Laila’s restraint to not ask Gia to stay behind but it would have looked so weird if she had insisted that. Gia was Sammy’s best friend, after all, it was just logical for her to be the... more
        • This is mind-boggling.Joella, Sun Nov 6 19:50
          Joella had no idea what was going on. Why was everyone leaving? Why was she stuck here with Laila talking about carrots? Laila was so weird... How had she never picked up on this before? It would be... more
          • I'm going to pretend I'm dreaming.Jax, Sun Nov 6 20:00
            Jax was exhausted by the exchange that just happened. He felt kind of embarrassed by it all. He knew that Gia was happy for him because she had told him repeatedly do just go for it and he knew that... more
            • Laila was just passing Joella the carrots when she caught the look the older girl gave Jax and heard Jax’s response. They were reading each other’s minds now? If that wasn’t the most coupley of all... more
              • Please, let it be over already.Joella, Mon Nov 7 05:33
                Joella was rather alarmed when Laila started crying, and very very confused. She still wanted to leave the table but two too many people had already done that and she couldn't exactly leave Jax to... more
                • Why did this happen?Jax, Mon Nov 7 06:08
                  Jax's blue eyes went wide as Laila burst into tears. He knew that Laila was fickle sometimes but he had no idea she was this sensitive about things before. It wasn't as though his frustration over... more
                  • It had only been a small burst of tears, more from stress and fear than actual sadness--although anyone would likely feel very sad upon the discovery that someone they liked (and thought liked them... more
    • I'm sorry, my title will not be as witty. — Gia and Jax Donovan, Sun Nov 6 17:04
      • Brutal devastation is an understatementLaila Kennedy, Sun Nov 6 17:22
        Laila had been looking forward to dinner with the rest of her friends. She was sad that Wu didn't eat with them, but she was grateful that the other fourth year had opened up to her. She hoped that... more
        • Calling it an understatement is an understatementSammy Meeks, Sun Nov 6 17:33
          Her stomach did a backflip when Joella approached, but almost immediately, somebody burst into her abdomin and shot and mugged it in an alleyway. She was handsy wth Jax (not horribly or... more
          • Guys, chill.Joella, Sun Nov 6 17:59
            Joella should've known it would happen. If she had been in their shoes, she would've wanted to know, she would've wanted the juicy details. But that didn't mean she was going to give it to them. She... more
            • For reals.Gia and Jax, Sun Nov 6 18:15
              Both Donovans stopped talking when Laila brought up the tapestry. Gia looked completely confused by the question and Jax looked utterly flabbergasted that Laila had even known about that. Joella... more
              • For realsy-reals.Laila, Sun Nov 6 18:28
                Laila only raised an eyebrow in response to Jax's justification. Knowing Jax, it was likely there was truth in what he had said but the way he had started when she'd first brought it up coupled with... more
                • For real-real, not for play-play.Sammy, Sun Nov 6 18:40
                  Busted? BUSTED?! Yup, this was officially the actual worst day of Sammy’s life. Jax made it sound like they’d just talked or whatever, but she couldn’t imagine nothing else had happened. Nobody got... more
                  • I'm lost.Joella, Sun Nov 6 19:11
                    Joella almost wished the ground could swallow her up when Laila congratulated her and Jax. What even was that about? She was definitely regretting joining the table. "Hey, Sammy, wait," Joella... more
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