Sammy Meeks
Calling it an understatement is an understatement
Sun Nov 6, 2016 17:33

Her stomach did a backflip when Joella approached, but almost immediately, somebody burst into her abdomin and shot and mugged it in an alleyway. She was handsy wth Jax (not horribly or inappropriately or anything, but it was Jax and anything was greater than the norm) when she joined, and then Gia’s incomplete question and burst of Greek was the final nail in Sammy’s metaphorical and possibly literal coffin.

This was it. She was dead. Jax and Joella were dating. RIP Samantha Meeks.

“Tapestry business?” She spoke a little too soon, her voice a little too high, as she demanded more information. Laila’s statement hadn’t given her enough to really gain anything. Sammy had read enough teen novels and seen enough sitcoms and dramas to not have an inkling of what Laila must have known, must have seen, but she so desperately wanted to be wrong. “What tapestry business?”

  • Brutal devastation is an understatementLaila Kennedy, Sun Nov 6 17:22
    Laila had been looking forward to dinner with the rest of her friends. She was sad that Wu didn't eat with them, but she was grateful that the other fourth year had opened up to her. She hoped that... more
    • Calling it an understatement is an understatement — Sammy Meeks, Sun Nov 6 17:33
      • Guys, chill.Joella, Sun Nov 6 17:59
        Joella should've known it would happen. If she had been in their shoes, she would've wanted to know, she would've wanted the juicy details. But that didn't mean she was going to give it to them. She... more
        • For reals.Gia and Jax, Sun Nov 6 18:15
          Both Donovans stopped talking when Laila brought up the tapestry. Gia looked completely confused by the question and Jax looked utterly flabbergasted that Laila had even known about that. Joella... more
          • For realsy-reals.Laila, Sun Nov 6 18:28
            Laila only raised an eyebrow in response to Jax's justification. Knowing Jax, it was likely there was truth in what he had said but the way he had started when she'd first brought it up coupled with... more
            • For real-real, not for play-play.Sammy, Sun Nov 6 18:40
              Busted? BUSTED?! Yup, this was officially the actual worst day of Sammy’s life. Jax made it sound like they’d just talked or whatever, but she couldn’t imagine nothing else had happened. Nobody got... more
              • I'm lost.Joella, Sun Nov 6 19:11
                Joella almost wished the ground could swallow her up when Laila congratulated her and Jax. What even was that about? She was definitely regretting joining the table. "Hey, Sammy, wait," Joella... more
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