Not everything is as it seems, my lad.
Sun Nov 6, 2016 17:54

Madeleine felt duped. Kellen was either a a really good actor and part of the Irish mob or else he was as boring as all get out and she was wasting her time. Seriously, who knew that much about a sloppy looking breakfast item?

"That's interesting," she said. If she was going to find out if Kellen really was a threat to Farrah's well-being then she was going to have to act interested in the things that Kellen enjoyed talking about. "Is it better with milk? I'm not lactose intolerant, so that wouldn't be a problem for me."

Kellen went on to ask Madeleine about her breakfast and she realised that the supposed "threat" to Farrah was no more a dangerous wizard than one who was over-obsessed with the topic of breakfast foods.

"Some fruit and toast," she replied, thinking about the lovely berries and buttered toast she had left by Bastien who was probably eating them right now, angry with her for having abandoned him. She was really starting to wish she had never left.

"Do you ever eat fruit for breakfast?"

  • I think it's pretty obviousKellen, Sun Nov 6 16:41
    Kellen wasnít quite sure what to make of this entire exchange. Madeleine was definitely an interesting one, but that might just have been due to the fact that she was French. He wasnít super familiar ... more
    • Not everything is as it seems, my lad. — Madeleine, Sun Nov 6 17:54
      • That's fairKellen, Sun Nov 6 20:40
        Kellenís brow furrowed slightly when Madeleine declared his oatmeal tangent as being interesting. What? Was he being punked or something? He looked around the room momentarily before turning his... more
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