I must be the eight one: forgetful.
Sun Nov 6, 2016 18:12

“Family is important,” Dustin noted with a nodd, doing his best not to think too hard about the compliment to his resilience she had just given. That was good trait for any heir, especially one palced in such trying times as he. “I’m glad you got to spend time with your brother.”

“My little sister is here this year, in Aladren,” he commented back idly. “And our brother will be here next year. Don’t get me wrong, because I do love them, but let me just say that sometimes it’s a lot better when you can have some distance.” Dustin was tempted back toward his grumpy mood from earlier since Florence was the reason he’d been that way before, but at least talking about her with someone tolerable like Laila wasn’t as bad as actually being around the first year and her nonstop questions and attention-seeking.

“I guess Makenzie probably felt that way when I showed up, though,” he added almost to himself in moderate contemplation. He’d never really thought to consider how he pestered her and judged her. Maybe he wasn’t really much better.

  • Laila nodded. It seemed that she had inadvertently stumbled across the very subject that she had earlier resolved not to ask him about and so didn't press for more details. "Resilience is a trait to... more
    • I must be the eight one: forgetful. — Dustin, Sun Nov 6 18:12
      • There are only seven dwarves though?Laila, Sun Nov 6 18:52
        Laila had always wondered how other families fared at Sonora. She knew that the Reinhardts had their weird dynamic but she wasn't sure just how normal that was. She and Gabe didn't fight as much as... more
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