Are you always this dramatic?
Sun Nov 6, 2016 18:18

Emmy-Lou was most alarmed when a boy made a sudden noise and she looked up to see him standing with his wand drawn. She quickly dodged to one side to avoid a book that came hurtling towards her.

"What the-" she began but then he spoke and it became apparent to her what had happened. All that for a book slamming onto the table?

Emmy couldn't help herself from creasing up with laughter. There was something so comical about the whole thing and the way that the boy now stood with his hand on his heart.

Eventually her laughter subsided and she stooped to pick up the book. "Lethifolds?" she queried. "Ever consider reading something a little less... scary?" At least, she assumed it had his hair on end considering the extremity of his reaction to her.

  • Jozua was quietly minding his own business, reading a biography of a great amazonian explorer. He was deep in a chapter where the hero was bravely approaching some dangerous creatures when a loud... more
    • Are you always this dramatic? — Emmy-Lou, Sun Nov 6 18:18
      • You asked about the earth's fate.Jozua, Sun Nov 6 18:42
        Starting to feel a bit sheepish, he held a hand out to accept the book back from the girl he'd thrown it at. "Sorry. It's a biography. I wasn't expecting it to be this thrilling. He got a really good ... more
        • Fair play.Emmy-Lou, Sun Nov 6 19:09
          Emmy-Lou smiled as she passed him his book back. "That's okay. I'll just remember to steer clear next time I see you with a book." "Hey, I could make you a warning sign," she added teasingly. "'Do... more
          • I thought soJozua, Sun Nov 6 19:17
            Jozua took the book back and checked it for damage. Good, it looked like its unexpected flight hadn't done it any harm. He smiled at the girl as she (he assumed) joked about making him a warning... more
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