For real-real, not for play-play.
Sun Nov 6, 2016 18:40

Busted? BUSTED?! Yup, this was officially the actual worst day of Sammy’s life. Jax made it sound like they’d just talked or whatever, but she couldn’t imagine nothing else had happened. Nobody got that close in proximity to a girl like Joella Curtis in a private place and didn’t reach out for her, didn’t try to hold her, didn’t kiss her. The real thing busted here was Sammy’s heart.

But even Laila offered congratulations and said how cute they were. “Yeah, congrats, guys!” Sammy forced out with a smile. She felt Gia’s hand on her knee and knew full well what her little squeeze meant, but it didn’t make the false enthusiasm burn her throat any less.

“Well, I’d better go,” she announced, standing upright and letting Gia’s hand fall away from her leg. “I think I left the oven one.” Sammy was totally blank for any reasonable excuse, so she hoped using one that was obviously not true would make it play like a joke. “I’m so happy for you guys, though. Seriously. Congratulations. See you later.” She took long, quick steps away from their table, leaving behind, for perhaps the first time in her life, an almost untouched meal. All of a sudden, she wasn’t very hungry.

  • For realsy-reals.Laila, Sun Nov 6 18:28
    Laila only raised an eyebrow in response to Jax's justification. Knowing Jax, it was likely there was truth in what he had said but the way he had started when she'd first brought it up coupled with... more
    • For real-real, not for play-play. — Sammy, Sun Nov 6 18:40
      • I'm lost.Joella, Sun Nov 6 19:11
        Joella almost wished the ground could swallow her up when Laila congratulated her and Jax. What even was that about? She was definitely regretting joining the table. "Hey, Sammy, wait," Joella... more
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