There are only seven dwarves though?
Sun Nov 6, 2016 18:52

Laila had always wondered how other families fared at Sonora. She knew that the Reinhardts had their weird dynamic but she wasn't sure just how normal that was. She and Gabe didn't fight as much as Tobi and Arne did, and they also didn't have a huge family the way some of the others did. There were all her cousins on her mom's side back in Italy, of course, and all her cousins from her dad's side in Turner's Point but in their house it was just her and Gabe.

As such, she didn't really have much to offer Dustin other than a consoling smile since even when she and Gabe had been around each other all the time distance was never something they'd wanted. "I guess siblings can be like that," she said speaking from her observations of the Reinhardts versus her own experiences. "But I think you're really lucky to have your here. And I'm sure Makenzie only acted like she was annoyed. I know if Gabe were to come here I'd pretend to be annoyed with him, but I miss being the one he could come to with all his problems and giving him advice."

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    “Family is important,” Dustin noted with a nodd, doing his best not to think too hard about the compliment to his resilience she had just given. That was good trait for any heir, especially one... more
    • There are only seven dwarves though? — Laila, Sun Nov 6 18:52
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